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Old RJ Interview


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This is related to the books, but it's more to do with this site than the books themselves. Sorry if I put it in the wrong forum.


So, back in the day (somewhere from 2002 to 2005) I remember listening to an audio recording of an interview/Q&A with Robert Jordan (at a signing I think; if I recall, you can hear ambient noise in the background), and I'm pretty sure it was hosted on this site. I'd like to find it again, but if it is here I don't know how to begin looking. I've tried searching site:www.dragonmount.com on Google, but no luck so far. I was wondering if anybody knew if it was still here, and/or could point me towards how to find it.


Some things about the interview to help people remember:

  • Again, it's from somewhere inbetween 2002 and 2005. Pre-KoD, probably post-CoT. Thinking about it further just now, it's very likely that it's from 2004 (or at least that's when I was listening to it).
  • It was split up into multiple segments, presumably to keep any one file from being to big. In the last segment you can here someone asking him if it's okay to upload the recording to the website.
  • One of the questions was about whether the ability to channel, and how strong you are, is a product of the body or the soul. He responded that he wasn't sure whether he was going to use that in a future book, and so didn't answer.
  • He talked about how the saa developed into Ba'alzemon's burning eyes and mouth.
  • He talked about how Aginor and Bathemal were "partially sealed," explaining that they were able to observe the world the whole time.
  • He spent a significant amount of time talking about how language evolved from the Age of Legends to the time of the books, and how people at various points on the timeline would react to eachother's speech.

Is this ringing any bells for anyone? Or does anyone know how/where I might be able to find a recording of an interview hosted on this site in 2004?


Thanks everyone.

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