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A Memory of Light Reading Companion

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I was thinking of making a sort of pocket sized encyclopedia of characters, as they stand at the end of ToM. You could then print it out and whenever you see a name you don't completely recognize (Has happened to me a few times so far in my reread) you could look it up. It would have information like where a character is from, where they are as of ToM, a short description of looks and personality and any important links they have to other characters. Would anybody be interested in helping me make it?

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When Christmas time rolls around, we should make a thread called "WoT do you want for Christmas?" where we all describe how we plan to set the mood for enjoying AMoL and what we'll need in addition to the book itself. I'm planning on creating a fireside-story-from-grandpa theme, in my favorite reading chair, next to a warm hearth, smoking out of my second-best pipe (you never take your first best pipe into battle) my finest wee- er... tabac, saved for the special occasion. The brandy goes without saying.

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