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Shaking out a little rust, OTA

Visar Falmaien

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(ooc: anyone want to join is welcome!)


Visar had no trouble waking up early before dawn. After a few days of reconnecting with his Aes Sedai, he felt it was time to see how his skills would match against anyone in the yard who might be a challenge. He might even try to teach a class, though he had not taught a class or fought anyone for months, and was a little worried that his lack of sparring would show, even for his heron mark.


But before that, he decided to become reacquainted with the armory. He had not had his armor and weapons for some time, so it would be best to make sure they were in good shape. Sadly, some of his armor was not in the best condition and would have to be repaired. His sword was still sharp and free of rust though, and he suspected Rasheta had made sure of that while he was gone. Satisfied that he could at least start somewhere, he went to the yards proper.


The sun had already peeked above the horizon, and mist from the river still clung to the ground. It was a chilly morning, but promised to be a warmer day than usual, which wasn't nearly warm enough for a southerner.


Setting his gear close by, Visar took up a practice lathe and sought an opponent (or perhaps two if he was lucky) out for the morning.

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[edit: alterd time, as I was inccorrect in my thinking.]


Rekinu also awoke early as usual. His desire to become a warder had been fanned every day through his experiences, which was probably what his trainers tried to do dispite the harshness with which they trained. He now was one, though his most recent excursion with Taia taught him that he still had MUCH to learn. He grabbed a light breakfast before heading out to the yards training was an important thing, and if he thought he had trained plenty before, then he needed to double, nay, tripple his efforts. He saw a man, Visar if he remembered it, standing in the middle of the field, stock still. Rekinu liked the hard-faced man, who had taught a training course that allowed Rekinu to be placed on the rolls of those allowed to accompany an Aes Sedai on a trip. That trip had fused the future that he had with Taia. Visar seemed genuine at least, no matter what the other trainees said about the hard man. It had been some time since Rekinu had seen him around. Idly he wondered what travels had taken him away from and then back to, the WT, but it was none of his business. He trotted over intending to have a chat, noticing too late that Visar had been waiting for an opponent and had now caught Rekinu's eye. There was no getting out of it now! He was a little hesitant, awe inspiring battle that had led Visar to become a Blademaster. However, then his resolve firmed; at least Visar might notice an improvemnt, if however faint, of his abilities over the past few years.


He grabbed a training sword, and his shield, and advanced onto the well-marked area. "Welcome back, Blademaster" Rekinu said. Realizing again that this couldn't end well for him. Yet, these types of experiances prepared him all the more for life, and for battles. You have to be beaten to know your weakness, right? The light knew that he needed to become much better to be worthy of his Aes Sedai, and protect her. He would do what ever it took to accomplish that promise that he had delivered that time, less than a year back.


Rekinu Alasayar,

a little hesitant, yet determined

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(ooc: Rekinu you want to start off the match? feel free, I imagine they'd be somewhat evenly matched for the most part to start with)


Visar turned and saw another man approach him. Finally, someone to fight! He adjusted his stance slightly, aggressively positioning himself. His training of observation took over and he noted how the other man approached. Is he a guardsman or a warder? he wondered to himself, trying to get a sense of the skill level and personality of who he faced. The ease of movement of the man seemed to suggest the latter, though he was approaching him in a friendly way, and seemed to realize what Visar intended a little too late. Visar could have almost grinned, but he did not let his face betray his amusement.


The man addressed him as blademaster, which was still a new thing. And it had been a few months since Visar had actually used his heron-mark blade. No doubt this would be challenging to jump back into things. He remembered that not practicing for even a week or two at a time could affect his performance and stamina in sparring.


"My thanks, Gaidin..." Visar blanked on a name, though something about this man's demeaner seemed almost familiar. Had they met before? He could not remember.


"Have we met before? You recognize me but I...forgive me, what is your name, brother?" Visar asked, feeling rather awkward but hoping to make up for it with gusto in a good fight.

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(ooc: ok ill start it off... love the "blank stare" :p If you want me to change anything, let me know, I was trying to stay in line with Rekinu's abilities... he will probably tire from here and make a mistake, have at him!)


As he approached ready for battle, Visar responded "My thanks, Gaidin" He paused, as if searching for the name, and then continued, "Have we met before? You recognize me but I...forgive me, what is your name, brother?"


Rekinu laughed, holding his hand out for a firm hand shake. "I suppose it has been a while, you gave a lesson, where we," he grimaced at the memory, "Had to navigate the river, among other things. That particular part was... unpleasant, but overall it was a good training exercise. I believe I was still wearing bells like the people from my homeland(OOC, Arafel if you forgot) at that time, though I have since dispenced with them as they are far too... non-descript and I had needed to cut my hair anyways." He grinned ruefully and shook his head, "I tend to speak too much... I guess I always have since I arrived here. It's nicer than the streets were, though just as tough."


Glancing to the side, he located where the lathes were piled, and then said: "Well then, if you wish to spar, I will gladly match myself against anyone willing to give me a butt-wooping, as long as they teach me something." Grinning widely, he walked over and picked up several training swords, rejecting one after another untill he had one that felt right, before returning to stand before Visar and saluting him with his lathe.


"May peace favor your sword, yet may we both be ready for what the world might throw at us" he said before testing his grip on the lathe in preparation.


Not wanting to jump too fast, wary of the title that his opponent held, he circled with his opponent while they observed each other. Rekinu conceded the first hit to Visar after several fast attacks and parrys, but they kept it up, pary after parry. Rekinu quickly pulled himself into the void that he had been taught to use to clear his mind, and he kept up the barrage on his opponent to not give him more than the necessary ground.


His side stung, but he reveled in the thrill of battle, of matching against someone without bloodshead needing to happen. He rushed Visar, and was blocked effectively, but making the most of it he went off sideways and bounced back, seeking for a hole, weak point, anything to allow him to get in a hit.


The next hit went to Visar as well, and they continued to move around in a circle, clashing in a flurry of hits. Sweat began to bead on their faces as evidence of the exertion that they were putting into their spar. Rekinu rolled forward trying to avoid a downward strike, lashing out with his lathe, catching Visars shin at the same time that Visar slashed at his back. Of the two hits, Visar's was probably the better hit, but he had marked him finally.


They separated, and circled again. Rekinu cautiously streatched his back to force his body to accept the pain lodged there, and Visar walked with a small lime. His face was like a stone, and Rekinu admired him yet again. His own face, he knew, held too much emotion to be able to be as impassive. He had much to learn, and that rolling attack is one that he needed to stop employing apparently. He grinned at his opponent, and got ready, Visar was sure to go on a major offensive soon, and Rekinu knew that he would be hard pressed to keep it from getting hit too many times.


Rekinu Alasayar

Enjoying the spar!

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(ooc: it has been a long time lol! Let me help finish this)


Visar smiled as he shook the warder's hand. Truthfully, he only vaguely remembered leading some trainees at some point in the past. Yes, he must have led an Arafelin named Rekinu in the past, but for the Light of him that memory was fuzzy. Perhaps he had been gone too long. The past was not as important as the present, however, and he responded in kind to the borderlander's salute.


"Peace favor your sword as well," he said, and they began the game, their emotions slowly lesking away into the challenge of the fight. He noted with approval for his opponent's honor that he selected a similar weapon to his own, a practice lathe that could be used one or two handed. Yet he was curious as to why Rekinu had only selected the sword and not used the shield he brought.


Well, he would allow this man to come at him with what he chose. No need to make things harder on himself.


They began cautiously, measuring each other to see what they would do. Tiring of this shortly Visar launched into the attack and they entered into several excellent exchanges. Rekinu was just as aggressive as Visar, so there were times Visar was forced on the defensive, which was usually a bad thing.


Visar could not help but grin as he concentrated on the fight, his opponent doing the same. They both were incredibly fast, he knew in the back of his mind, and it was hard to predict what would come next. Motion and counter motion began within a second, and there was no time for idle thoughts as their bodies and blades whirred, struck blade, air, or flesh, and whirred again.


And sure enough, eventually a good hit landed on his shin from a daring roll and low strike. Visar could not step back in time, his leg stinging badly and making it painful to move. That would leave a good bruise. He had made a killing blow to rekinu's back at Almost the same time, but double hits were not acceptable outcomes in a real fight, as they both lost.


They paused, and Visar decided he wanted to make things more interesting. While Rekinu's double handed form was excellent, it seemed just a little slow to react, and he thought it was missing something.


"Come now, Rekinu Gaidin. Will you not face me with your best?" Visar pointed to the man's shield to the side with his lractice lathe, wondering if that combination was Rekinu's best. It was much harder to fight a skilled opponent with a sword and shield or some other weapon, as some angles of attack were completely closed, and it was possible for them to defend and hit you at the same time more often than with a single sword itself. Visar allowed himself to smile just a little, hoping that that would somehow convey a sense of confidence in facing that weapon combination. But in reality, he knew that it would be much more challenging, especially since shields were not something he practiced against enough, despite their use on the battlefield or duel. And, especially, since Visar knew he was very rusty, and already a little winded.

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He was fighting with his best abilities, and still it wasn't good enough.  Truth be told, it WAS against a Blademaster, and he, Rekinu, had a lot to learn still.


It was, however, a lot of fun to face someone who had honed his skills, and with whom he could learn more than with another trainee.


After a few traded hits, Visar spoke "Come now, Rekinu Gaidin. Will you not face me with your best?" Visar then pointed to his training shield which he had placed to the side before the fight.  It surprised Rekinu that he was encouraging him to use it.  Actually, most people wouldn't let him train with it, as they said it was an unfair advantage for him to use a shield when they were using just a sword.  But he needed to reply.  "Actually, the only training I have had with it has been moves I have practiced by myself.  Many have been... reluctant to train against it, so I have just focused on one handed combat, and practiced by myself with my shield.


But, this would be a perfect opportunity for him to train with it, so with very little encouraging from Visar, he went and retrieved it.  He felt the handle solidly in his grip, and the comforting lightness that it gave while holding it.  The Tower certainly had some of the best blacksmiths in the world, as this shield was an almost exact copy of the one that was in his room, in height, weight, and feel.  In addition, it was nearly as tough.  He turned, this fight was now going to be even more serious.  Signaling Visar with a nod of his head, the spar started again.


They rotated again, with Rekinu forcing the direction to the left, to give his shield the leading direction, He figured this would protect him from the easier attacks from that direction.  Sure enough, the first attack come from there, and Rekinu's counter attack was shoddy at best, but he didn't lose hold of the items in either hand.  As they continued to rotate, Visar would bark suggestions at him, from things he had seen in the different bouts he had witnessed, or perhaps experianced.  Coupled with the many hours training with the sword, by the time they stopped for some water, Rekinu was ready for another round.  His hands and arms ached from the exertion, but he felt exhilarated at actually knowing how to wield a shield properly, enough that it was a help now.  Both of their chests heaved, and they had both abandoned their shirts in the heat.  Sweat ran down their heaving chests in the midday sun.  A servant had brought out some water, and though it was air temperature, it felt like liquid gold, seeping through his body, reinvigorating sore muscles, and flowing like life through his whole body.


This time the spar was in earnest   Rekinu was ready to put into practice some moves he had thought of as he learned more about the shiled, and it felt more like a part of him than it ever had.  Not quite like the sword did, but a definite improvement over just the day before.


Rekinu limbered his arms, shaking off the slight stiffening from their small break, and tried to start the rotation again.  Smiling, Visar had started it slightly before him, forcing it the other direction, but they circled.  Visar's eyes held more calculation in them, and Rekinu was reminded he was facing a shrewd blademaster.  Up to this point, Rekinu had only traded blows, or received... it was now or never to prove his metal, and show he was worthy of training with the Warders and Tower guard of the White Tower.  


He let Visar lead with the attacks, and barely kept the spar from ending right then and there.  Visar was proving to be a very tricky.  Every time that Rekinu pushed, Visar seemed to melt away, like butter left on a rock in the blight, or the waste.


After some time, he dashed forward, keeping his eye on his opponents weapon and lashed out with the top of his shield.  When VIsar blocked it, he struck like a snake with his sword, hoping to catch the blademaster with his speed, but somehow the man not only blocked his shield with his weapon, but he also twisted like an eel, and Rekinu's sword incredibly passed right next to him, missing him by a mere hands breadth.  The retaliatory attack pushed Rekinu completely back across the area, and forced him to his knees.  Surprised, Rekinu could only gape at the practice sword tickling his neck.  That was, unexpected, to say the least.  Chuckling, Visar offered a hand to help him up.  It had been a good spar though.  Rekinu thought that he could almost duplicate that move if he was on the receiving end of an attack like that.


Rekinu shook his head in amazement.  "Your speed gets me every time!"  He said as he got to his feet.

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Visar felt an exhilaration as months of lax practice shed away like a snake molting its skin.  He was in his bones, in the Oneness, many Warders called it.  And yet he still felt everything fully through the Spring; his emotions were fueled directly into the fight; not overwhelming him, but not suppressed either.  He just let himself be.  He felt pride in facing the skill of his opponent; perhaps he had had more experience and more skill than Rekinu, but that did not allow him to think he could relax! The borderlander was wiry, fast, and had the passion of youth, if sometimes uncertainty.  There was always an unpredictability of facing someone new that Visar loved. Even a completely unskilled trainee could sometimes hit him with an unexpected or unorthodox move, though he rarely stood around waiting for them to give them a chance.


As they fought, Visar saw that Rekinu was still working into the style a little.  Visar offered the other Warder suggestions as they fought, and if there was something he noticed after an exchange, he'd mention it.  Little tips here and there, ideas to try. Letting him pull off a move every now and then to help maintain a sense of pride. And there was something more than just facing an opponent honorably.  It was a teaching and a learning experience at the same time.  Visar actually enjoyed being a teacher of the sword, and felt that he might be alright at it for the first time in a long time.


They took a brief break for much needed water and continued with their dance.  Beginning cautiously and guaging like the opening moves of Stones.  They practiced long into the afternoon.  Visar's aches and pains were nothing compared to the joy he felt of training someone that, given time, he might view as an equal.  He tested Rekinu, never attacking the same place twice unless it was a set up for doing something completely different.  He loved using fakes and feints, striking a convincing half cut or thrust just to get someone to react and come out of guard, then to immediately strike around to a different target.  He also liked to close in binding with the swords, feeling the pressure of the other's weapon, and therefore feeling their intentions.  Rekinu was not as used to this style of fighting (Visar found that the Borderlanders, while usually excellent martial artists, lacked the kind of bindwork of southern styles which emphasized the duel, as you could not bind easily with a trolloc of thrice your strength), and few of the warders, much to Visar's shame, trained enough against multiple weapons.  Visar would also dabble in other styles than just pressing the attack, as he wanted to make sure Rekinu learned the value of it.  So when Rekinu attacked, Visar did his best to dodge, flowing out of the way, and not always with perfect success.


Then an excellent opportunity for a close happened, and Visar reacted without thought.  He blocked the shield attack and flowed around the sword attack, stepping just to the side and a little forward.  Letting go with one hand on his sword, Visar snaked his off arm around Rekinu's shield arm, pushing sharply to disturb the man's upper balance, and then lunged forward using his legs to trip the man, hooking a leg and forcing him to his knees.  Then it was a simple matter of tying up any chance of retaliation, and placing his sword lathe gently at Rekinu's throat.


Visar chuckled, a little surprised that he had pulled off that move too, as it wasn't exactly conventional either.  He helped Rekinu up.


"Your speed gets me every time!"


Visar raised his eyebrow.  "You're just as fast as I am, Rekinu Gaiden, if not faster," Visar said. He could see from Rekinu's face that the man didn't believe him.  "It's merely a matter of timing, and knowing when to close to grips.  The timing... it's hard to explain.  You learn the first two timings automatically: at first, you mostly fight in the after, reacting to the other, trying to counter or defend first, and only striking back too late for your blow to count.  Then you learn the value of striking before, making the first blow, pressing the initiative.  And then with more training, you get a sort of sweet spot; you can react... instantaneously... to your opponent, without thought.  I wasn't thinking when I did that; just reacting based on what I trained.  It's one thing to know how to do a technique like that, it's another to know exactly when to use it.  You will learn, and you'll come up with your own style," Visar added encouragingly.


"I think that's enough sparring for now.  You should practice with that combination more often.  It suits you, I think.  You use the sword and shield as one, and yet you are able to split their use sometimes in your mind.  Just as you should.  Keep at it and you will give me quite a headache."


Visar glanced at the angle of the sun.  Had they practiced for that long?  That was a good sign.  Usually whoever it was got bored, or was otherwise too tired or bruised to continue.  There was something to be said for two Warders with the stamina the bond brought going at it almost all day.


"Who are you bonded to, Rekinu Gaiden?  I know I've heard your name before somewhere, and not in training..." Visar asked as he limped back to the fence to put up the lathes.  It was only after the adrenaline of the fight died down that he started feeling all the pain, and Rekinu did him the respect of not pulling any hits. You pull your hits too much in training and you might do it in a real fight. More reason to get fewer bruises.  Visar didn't want to think about how many he might have given Rekinu.  He'd be fine, he told himself.

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Kynwric was prowling the yards, watching as men and women trained to become Tower Guards, and perhaps one or two would even be Warders. The familiar click-clack of training lathes was almost tuned out in his head until he heard nothing but the missed strokes, the ones where a block was not made solidly or a strike was not made with the edge of the weapon. Those sounds he heard. Soon enough his ears came to hear another sound, the strikes of a true dance and not some trainees just learning how to strike and block. It drew Kyn's attention and he soon found himself leaning against a post watching Visar and Rekinu spar. The dance was a good one, flowing back and forth, although it was obvious that Visar was the more accomplished swordsman. The spar was actually drawing a crowd as more and more of the trainees left off their own work to watch the two Gaidin test each other. Eventually the spars came to an end and men drifted away from the ring leaving just the two men inside it and Kyn nearby. 


While they spoke Kyn let them be, listening to the words that were said, Rekinu had the makings of a good Swordsman and his use of a shield was unusual enough in the yards to give many trouble who were not used to it. What he couldn't know was that Visar had seen that style before, years ago when he was a trainee. Remembering his teaching the young man that a shield was more than just a thing to hide behind brought a small smile to his face and he pushed himself from his post and strode to the pair. "Gentlemen," he said in greeting. "That was a very good exhibition. Perhaps some of those around us will now know what it takes to wear a bond and serve the White Tower."

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Visar and Rekinu took time after their spar to reacquaint thrmselves with each other. It turned out to be a small world; just as Visar and Rekinu were comrades in arms, their Aes Sedai were sisters of the Green Ajah, though it was perhaps unfortunate that they did not talk to each other very often. A pity, that, Visar thought. Perhaps there was something that he and Rekinu could do with that. Visar barely noticed the small group dispersing after it seemed plain they weren't to fight anymore. Visar wished they would train harder and not spend the day gawking at those more proficient. Did they honestly think their skill would improve just by watching Warders fight?


He was about to suggest a scheme for their Aes Sedai to become friends when a familiar shadow loomed over them. A legend of a man, even by Warder standards. The Blademaster Kynwric Larind. Visar saluted the man out of respect and also out of habit, as he had trained and served under him not too long ago. Visar might be a blademaster but he was only a year or so removed from receiving the mark of the Heron. Kynwric Gaiden had had the heron for a long time; surely at least ten years? Visar wasn't sure. There was a certain agelessness to this man that made it hard to tell the number of his years.


Gentlemen," he said in greeting. "That was a very good exhibition. Perhaps some of those around us will now know what it takes to wear a bond and serve the White Tower."


Visar almost flushed. The man had come over to give them compliments? He felt excited to introduce him to Rekinu, that is if they had never met. Visar had been gone some time, but then again Kynwric was often gone for long stretches too, as his Aes Sedai frequently traveled.


"You honor us with your time, Kynwric Gaiden, just as we humbly honor the cloak with our efforts. Have you met Rekinu Alasayaar? He is bonded to Taia Sedai, also of the Green Ajah. Rekinu, this man helped train me. Most of what I knw about sword and shield I learned from him. the hard way," he added with half a wince. He remembered a time he had fought Kynwric for hours and not landed a single blow! "This is Kynwric Larind, blademaster and bonded to Loraine Sedai of the Green Ajah, you would do well to learn from him."


Visar let Rekinu and Kynwric get to know each other a little. He was quiet, overwhelmed with nostalgia. He noticed that here they were, three Warders to Green sisters. Brothers to battle in a way that would make most warders envious; the Warder of the Green ajah were the most numerous, but they also prided themselves on being the best. An idea soon became irrisistable. A smile spread wide on Visar's face.


"Brothers," he interrupted. "Here we are, three Green Warders. The best of the yards. It would be a shame if we three did not give the rest an even better example than just two of us."


He paused. He sensed that Rekinu was eager as he, even though they were tired and bruised from their fight. That would give Kynwric better odds, not that he needed them. Visar raised his practice sword in challenege to Kynwric. He glnced over to Rekinu and winked.


"Come on, you have't seen anything yet until you have fought him. You and me versus him!"

Visar grinned; Rekinu would be insane if he passed this up, but then again they were insane enough to fight Kynwric.


Visar turned to the veteran swordsman.

"Kynwric, would you trouble us for a few exchanges? The two of us against your shield and blade."


-Visar Falmaien, barely ready for another round.

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Kynwric nodded a greeting to Rekinu, it seemed there were more and more Green Warders about the yards here recently. "I know Taia Sedai, I did not know she had taken a Warder though. Of courdse that would likely be my fault for not having been here for some time."  He gave a smile, he knew the Warders bonded to Greens like to think themselves superior to the other Ajahs, mostly because their Sisters did not skulk about in shadows and behind curtains, at least as much as other Sedai did, and were the Battle Ajah. But he had known great Swordsmen who were not bonded to Greens, nor even Warders for that matter. "Never think that because a Warder is Warder to a Brown or Gray he is not just as good as anyone here. Kilrin is my better and has no connection to the Greens at all, then there are the Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light, who is by all accounts one of the greatest Swordsmen alive. Although none of us are likely to be able to test him short of a full scale assault from the Whitecloaks on the Shining Walls. Light give that That never happens."


Kyn stood there listening to the praise Visar was heaping upon him, he wasn't sure where it had come from. Kyn knew he was a good swordsman, but that good? It couldn't possibly be. Still the challenge was there and he wasn't going to back down from it. He glanced at Rekinu and judged the younger man. "If Rekinu is up for another bout I could use the practice. Life out of the Tower is less about honing your skill and more about making sure you Sedai doesn't kill herself doing something foolish. Which, of course she'll deny doing five minutes later. Lathes or Blades?" He asked Rekinu, either was fine with him. Neither of these men were so raw that he didn't think they could control their blade enough to do more than draw a little blood. He waited for a reply before nodding at the choice and arming himself suitably. He tightened the lacing to his vambraces with their strips of metal underneath and the picked up his shield and weapon and rejoined the pair in the middle of the ring. 

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After the fight was always the best.  He liked talking with those who fought with him after a fight, it helped clear the air, and kept everyone friendly.


As they were getting into it a man approached them and spoke smoothly, "Gentlemen," he said in greeting. "That was a very good exhibition. Perhaps some of those around us will now know what it takes to wear a bond and serve the White Tower."


It made Rekinu felt very uncomfortable.  A good exhibition?  He was exhausted  and on top of that, he had barely touched Visar... even beyond that, he was suspecting it was just because Visar was trying to teach him about how to use his shield, and not any particularly good skills of his own.


Visar took right off, introducing Rekinu to Kynwic.  Apparently he had taught Visar some, and served together for a time too.


They took some time talking about where they were found, when Visar had a brilliant idea... well, for him anyways.  In spite of his tiredness, and his dreading thoughts of being out matched in the impending fight, he felt a thrill run through him that could not deny.


The next thing he knew, another Blademaster was sizing him up... "If Rekinu is up for another bout I could use the practice. Life out of the Tower is less about honing your skill and more about making sure you Sedai doesn't kill herself doing something foolish. Which, of course she'll deny doing five minutes later. Lathes or Blades?" Rekinu was almost insulted...  He was Tower trained, and Arafellin to boot... of course he was up for anythiing.  He had gotten up from more beatings than he could count before he was old enough to remember, even before his mother died.  The world was not soft with those shamed from birth.  It was his duty to serve, and he had gladly taken up a good fight.  Better to die protecting the people, he loved... yes, he did love Taia.  She had been good to him, during their short time together, and that she was willing to listen to him, if only from time to time, made him feel special.  Of course he would spar with Kynwiic.  If he was as good as Visar said, then he was going to at least keep him on his toes.  Mind working furiously at how he was going to keep from dying against an experianced blademaster... from the sounds of it, Visar thought that Kynwic was much better than him, which left Rekinu as the weak chain.


Resolved, he responded "blades" a mere moment before Visar said the same word.  They looked at each other and nodded, returning their lathes to the stands to the side, and retrieving their own equipment quickly.  They returned to the middle of the ring, as Kynwic turned back to them, tugging his vambraces tightly into place.


Rekinu bowed to him, fist holding his weapon hilt up, clenched to his chest.  With that, they backed to an appropriate distance.  Rekinu circled one way, Visar the other.  He wasnt sure if it was practice, or just ingrained knowledge, but he knew Visar knew what he was doing.  Holding himself low, he threw himself at Kynwic, slashing savagely with his sword, and blocking with his shield the first blow... but didn't see the second blow, the same shield that had blocked him had come around, out of nowhere and slammed his head, knocking him sideways to the out skirts of the circle.


It had been his fault, as he had failed to pay attention to the shield.  Parts of what had been taught just that morning wafted back into his head, the shield was more than a weapon... He scrambled uncerimoniously to his feet, vowing not to be caught unawares again.


He swing back into the fight, pushing for an opening,  As he got there, he saw his friend, Visar, get pushed back with a body slam, and he almost got Kynwic in the arm with his shield.  He parried the viscous slash from Kynwic, and had to roll from the shield, but this time it didn't hit him.  As he came to his feet, Visar and he locked eyes for a single moment, almost talking, as they went to work again.  They each parried, and Rekinu was starting to feel a bit better about his skills... he hadn't lost a finger yet, though his earlier rounds against Visar were definitely taking a toll.



Rekinu Alasayaar

..... Keeping from being too far behind...
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Visar began cautiously.  It had been some time since he had fought Kynwric; the last time he didn't remember ever landing a blow!  He circled with Rekinu, they teamed well, but Visar did not have time to tell him how deceptive a fighter Kynwric could be.  Rekinu tried to attack first, and before Visar could react to support him or strike at Kyn while he was engaged, Reki was slammed back by Kynwric's shield.


To prevent Kynwric from following up with his sword, Visar himself charged in, trying to strike at Kynwric's sword arm and the areas not as quickly protected by his shield, looking for any opening.  He struck multiple times with the flat of his blade, Wind and Rain coupled with the Board Rushing Down the Mountain, his blade a blur barely followable.  He was quick, but not quick enough, as Kynwric was able to dodge or parry every blow until Visar's impetus was spent.  He tried to retreat, winded from his exertion, but Kynwric was on him before he could shout in alarm.


Visar closed, trying to close safely to grapple.  Only, you did not safely grapple with someone who knew how to use a shield.  He swerved around, trying to get Kynwric's back, but before he could, the man slammed his shoulder into Visar's, driving him off balance.  Before Kynwric could follow up with a lethal strike, though, Rekinu was back in the fight, forcing Kynwric's attention for just a moment to drive Rekinu back.  Visar decided it was wiser to disengage for now, and he moved back over to Rekinu.


Visar looked at Rekinu and they locked eyes.  That didn't work, let's try something else, he said without words.  They stayed closer together this time, as it was too easy for Kynwric to out time them if they struck from different sides.  They would attack in tandem, but cautiously, neither charging in unless there was gain to be had in tangling Kynwric up successfully for the other to strike.


Visar led, striking at Kynwric's sword lightly, then retreating, playing a longer game.  He struck again, Kynwric letting him, as he knew it was just a feint out of range.  The third time Visar struck true, forcing Kynwric to parry with his sword.  Carefully but persistantly, Visar remained on Kynwric's sword with his own, twisting narrowly for an opening, preventing him from safely countering without risking Visar's point or blade hitting him. He had a two-handed grip against Kynwric's one, so he had slightly better leverage. Meanwhile, that left Rekinu the option of trying to deal with the shield, which given time would be put into play to defeat Visar's Grapevine Twines.  And with any luck, if they tangled him up enough Kynwric would eventually make a mistake and leave an opening.


With any luck...but Kynwric rarely operated on luck.  And Visar could see that both Rekinu and himself were tiring quickly, leaving plenty of mistakes on their side for Kynwric to exploit.


-Visar, struggling to figure out a way...

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Following the brief salute, Kyn settled in quickly to his defense, two on one was no time to take anything for granted. Then they did the most sensible thing in a normal situation, they tried to split his attention. Kyn was prepared for this and he backed away, keeping both men in his forward arc and letting his patience work its magic on men who were used to the sword. When the attack came, it came quickly, and from the direction he expected as Rekinu lashed out with his blade Kyn eased the shield into the block, letting Rekinu's weapon skip harmlessly over his head as he angled his shield. A quick slash of his own blade towards Rekinu's open side saw the man throw his shield to black the blow and left the true opening that Kyn had been looking for, rolling his shoulder down he slammed the bottom point of his shield across the man's jaw. Normally Kyn would have stepped in to finish the fight, but there was another man to still be dealt with and Kyn knew this would be a fight of attrition. Kyn rolled out of the blows Visar threw his way and once his momentum was halted Kyn moved to the offense, trying to finish him off before Rekinu could regain his wits and footing. He was a but surprised when Visar tried to close him down but finished that thought by firmly planing his shield and shoulder squarely into Visar's chest and shoving him back and nearly to the ground. Kyn leapt in with his sword only to find Rekinu in back in the fight and he turned away from Visar to guard his open side. He'd missed a good chance to finish this fight off and he knew it, but now wasn't the time to take unnecessary risks, he trusted his defense and knew patience would see him through. He'd broken a Trolloc charge on his shield before and didn't thing these two combined out-massed the shadowspawn. It was his way of fighting, wait whenever possible and let the other man make a mistake. 


this time the pair kept close, coming at him and working as a team, they had figured out their original gambit wouldn't work and had adapted. good for them and bad for him. As the pair advanced Kyn kept giving ground and turning trying to keep both of them from being in good range at the same time. Visar had started an annoying flick at his sword and sword-hand  Kyn just kept disengaging from Grapevine Twines, it was aggravating to deal with but it was mostly harmless and he knew Visar would have to move a few inches closer to have any true risk involved. Kyn watched for that move while keeping an eye on Rekinu as well. There was no doubt what the plan was, for Visar to distract and Rekinu to attack. Kyn just had to puzzle out when that would happen and when to strike to disrupt it. If he could get a little separation between the two he could likely make one of them pay for it, and so the circling of the pair began waitign for one of them to block the other. 

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