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The Shadow Prophecy


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Ok leaving aside why the Shadow gave away such a prophecy in tGH ..… part of the following relies on the fact what we heard was a translation from shadow language so some words don't transmit properly

Everyone seems to think the man who channels is Rand, why?

It's Shadow prophecy and all the other verses seem to be about darksiders - lanfear slayer poss demandred led seanchan

So is it not more likely to be … Moridin

If channel refers to TP. Then ishy is the only one who can channel it ie he stands alone

His and the DO commands have sent 8 forsaken to final death - his friends given for sacrifice (explicitly at the Cleansing) esp as the evil language would likely have no word for friend. If we had heard he gives his colleagues for sacrifice …?

The 2 paths - foreshadowing the choice everyone seems to think will happen with ishy returning to the light at the end, which would get him death from the DO

The hand shelter slaying - at various times he has tried to kill Rand tDR end especially yet other times stops attempts on his life and at shadar log personally saved him

So it's clear that verse is most likely about Ishamael, not Rand

My first post here so hello all!

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hello and welcome :)


Verses also reference the Seanchan, the White Tower and LTT.


Two roads before him, one to death before dying, one to life eternal


I was about to say that this implies Rand as Moridin has already chosen, buuttttt, Moridin wants to end the wheel - death beyond dying, maybe.


Good post


Verin thins it refers to Rand, but she can't be right all the time, can she?

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I think it all crystallised for me with the whole vision eggy had - the thirteen towers and then one rising above all

Since LS prophecies come from the OP does that means DS ones came from channeling TP? It seems unlikely someone channeling the voice of the creator would give a Shadow prophecy

Btw - has anyone asked RJ / BS about that prophecy or at least why it was given away to the LS? Especially seeing as how ishy is so protective of that book he shows graendal

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Addendum - the verses mostly start of referencing one individual then adding extra stuff, not necess related to that individual eg the lanfear one goes on to talk about her new lover (btw I think that is also ishy, as he has served her by rescuing her and preventing her rape which moggy and mesaana and maybe grefalump suffered plus he has died) and the shining walls kneeling

Well, Lanfear had no part in the seanchan raid did she? Unless there is a 2nd raid - unlikely if there is going to be a peace, and its possible Eggy will get a dream spike or maybe elayne will make one?

The seanchan verse, most people think demandred will bring some seanchan forces and that could be the again the seed of the hammer burns ancient wrong

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I'm not a mod and I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Graefalump is only on the spoiler board - don't know if anyone will care, but I've been in conversations with people where mentioning an opinion on a character based on events that happen later on then they've read been considered a spoiler, even if the event itself isn't mentioned




Not sure about the Lanfears lover part, she's always mentioned with LTT who died and Rand lived again. Moiraine saw futures through the rings where Rand served Lanfear in some futures.

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Didn't the BWB say lanfear chucked him for ltt? It's generally accepted that this is what turned him into an emo philosopher

Certainly RJ explicitly confirmed cyndane had not been raped - and only ishy has the pull to ensure that


No idea where you got the bolded as the BWB doesn not say that and no where is it generally accepted as why he turned to a philsopher. He was always one and his studies lead him turning to the shadow.

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Um ok I think I got that from posts discussing cyndane as lanfear - b4 it was confirmed

Those posts came up with the idea ishy rescued her - in fact I remember it was all post the revelations from moraine to mat

People looked at scenes like the one where ishy lifts her chin up - a coda in the book for attraction and someone mentioned the RJ one about her not being voolated

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