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Twinkle twinkle


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OK Ayla, I will get you ones. First, I buy a llama. Then I give it a nana. It goes flying up from the excitement from finally having a nana. After this, I hop onto the nearest unicorn and ride up to the star. Then i ask the star if I can takes it down to ayla and it tells me that I have to prove my worthiness by helping it out. So it tells me to wipe out the meteor that is coming straight towards one of its planets, and I block it by throwing a nuke at it and then finding a vacuum in space ( :laugh: noone?, nevermind. ) and taking up all the debris. Then the star lets me take it back to Ayla. :whitecloak:

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So what you do is....


1. Buy a llamacorn

2. Breed the llamacorn with a dragon

3. Then steal the 1/2 egg 1/2 fetus mixture

4. Take it to a secret LABORATORy

5. You wait for them to hatch

6. In 674t.7y hours you catch them

7. You cut off all of their wings


9. Steps 1-8 repeat twice

10. Then start singing Twinkle Twinkle little Star over the ashes until ...






you then take the dragon a fly it to the moon and then eat a snack there.

After that you blackmail the dragon and trade it for a space chicken. Once you have it you through back into the Earth's Atmosphere.

Then you jump after it because once it lands it opens a 2 minute portal to Randland WITH Traveling music (My only Seanchan)

Lastly ALMOST you get an Aes Sedai and Asha'man Ward them and then let both of them simultaneously feed off of each others power until they die and AFTER THAT you call Egwene who calls Perrin in the World of Dream who tells Mat to tell Rand to tell Avi to tell Min to tell Elayne to make you a special star catching Ter'Angreal. Which she makes into the shape of a pigeon that is transported by Hurin who gets sidetracked by evil scents ... Once he finds Siuan and Leane who kill the Trollocs he found he makes his way back to you with the Ter'Angreal.

You then try it and are put onto Bela who flies you to the other moon and catches you 1500000000000000000 stars.



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Ooh! Dis is one of moi favorite star songses:


Star light, star bright,

The first star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight!


Or variations thereof :P mainly tis just watching out for le firstest star to appear and chanting at it :biggrin:

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