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I can't think of anything witty to put here.


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My name is Estrella, and I've been reading this series since...I was in 6th grade, I think. I'm only 19 now, so I doubt that's as long as some people here, but it's been my favorite series ever since I picked up the EOTW (I spent all of 7th grade math class trying to teach myself to embrace the Source) and a remarkably influential one on me as well. I've been in many other online fandoms, over the years, but for some reason never thought to look for a WoT community until a few weeks ago when I decided to re-read the entire series in preparation for AMoL this upcoming January. I'm onto Towers of Midnight now (embarrassingly enough, I don't think I ever finished it, because there are huge chunks of stuff I'm just seeing for the first time) and I look forward to joining the discussion, and inevitable cryfest, here.

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(I spent all of 7th grade math class trying to teach myself to embrace the Source)


*Flicks ear with a Flow of Air.* You're not allowed to do that without proper Aes Sedai supervision! Step right over here to get your name written in the Novice Book. Eventually. Once you pick your path.



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welcome... and come to the lack tower, where your tears will be forgotten.... and perhaps your sanity, but only the part you don't need :smile:


oh, but if you like talking about the books you should definitely check out the general wheel of time discussion.


you know, when you're not enjoying the brownies and games and fun at the BT :biggrin:

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