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Approved WT Bio for Aureli Yenda - CC'd by Freelanders


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Basic Information

Your Handle : Leala Gymorraine

Full names of WT characters you already own and their status

(active/retired/dead): Leala Gymorraine (active), Seraph Byar (retired), Ay’Lira Sonoran (active)



Character Information

Name (first and last) of this character: Aureli Yenda

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age of this character: 15

Name of country where this character is from: Tear



Hair: Black with lighter spots of brown, long, curly

Eyes: brown

Skin: tan

Height: 5’3”

Voice: high, but can become very flat when she’s being sarcastic. She speaks in a clipped accent.

Other: Aureli was born without her right arm. It ends at her shoulder.



Special Skills: Aureli is good at sizing up people quickly. After a small conversation, she can tell if she can trust them or not. Sometimes she’s wrong, but she’s always willing to admit that.

Knowledge Weakness: Aureli’s never received a formal education. She learned her letters from her grandparents, but she’s not exactly fluent in reading or writing.

Physical Weakness: Aureli is missing her right arm.

Personality weakness: She is an extremely guarded person because of her obvious physical flaw. Her greatest defence mechanism is her wit and sarcasm, which she uses almost indiscriminately.



Aureli is generally friendly, but she’s very pessimistic about the human race in general. If someone betrays her…she’s not really surprised. She always likes to have a back-up plan. She’s very sarcastic, but knows when and when not to use it, although sometimes that line is thin and hard to see. Because of her hardships, she’s had to develop a good sense of humor. She is confident in what she does if she knows what she’s doing, and tries to show that confidence to whoever that authority is. She likes a challenge and looks for one when she has a chance.




Aureli caused quite a stir when she was born, missing her right arm. Some said it was a sign of the Dark One, some went so far as to call her Shadowspawn. But her parents accepted her for who she was, knowing that their child was whole, despite missing an arm. Because of her parents’ support, Aureli developed a hard, strong, confident exterior. She knew her limits, but could do most things with her one arm. By the time she was six, her twin brothers were born, and she could at least offer one more hand in raising them with her parents. She found a large difficulty with this, though, as there were more things that she couldn’t do than just helping out with her parents’ inn.


Even though she couldn’t help out as much, she still did her best. As the boys grew, they were able to help out, too. Especially with there being two of them. When she was about twelve, her mother revealed something to her. She was actually part of a network called the eyes-and-ears of Aes Sedai in the Gray Ajah. That was why their inn was so close to the Stone. And that was why sometimes, her mother would entertain mysterious guests that didn’t stay for very long, or came in wearing cloaks with deep hoods. But their inn had such a good reputation, that none of their patrons bothered to notice these happenings. Her mother told her that one day when she could run the inn on her own, she would be trusted with secrets, too. Aureli’s eyes lit up, and she seemed to find a new purpose. When all was quiet and she had time with her mother, she began to learn codes, and what to listen for. Sometimes she would see these mysterious dealings happening, but she didn’t dare interfere. She was still in training.


All this came to a shuddering halt, however, one peaceful night. The inn was full, the pub was closed, and everyone was asleep. Aureli was thirteen, her two brothers were both seven. And after cleaning the inn, her mother put up her supplies and headed to bed. But she would not make it. Silently and swiftly, some assassin easily incapacitated her and slit her throat. She quietly bled to death on the inn’s floor for everyone to find in the morning. Aureli and her family were devastated. It was so sudden, so cruel. Everyone wondered how anyone could do this. But Aureli had a sneaking suspicion.


Just as she had suspected, one of the mysterious guests came into the inn shortly after her mother’s funeral. Her father was out of the secrets, but he did inform the guest that his wife had passed away recently. Before the guest left, Aureli approached her, speaking the codes. The guest recognized her as her informant’s daughter and went to speak with her in a private room. As they talked about different codes, and how to make it to where Aureli could take her mother’s place, the woman asked Aureli if she would like to be tested for the ability to channel. She had never considered the possibility before, but she agreed. The Aes Sedai took out a firedrop, setting it on the table. She told the girl to concentrate on the trinket, and try to make it light up. Aureli tried. For perhaps hours she tried. She didn’t see it light up, but the Aes Sedai took the stone back up and smiled, saying that she had passed. She was elated, but she hated leaving her father and her brothers. However, after talking with her father, she remembered that it was illegal to channel in Tear. And girls that were found to be able to channel were sent to Tar Valon as soon as possible. So, she agreed to go, with many reassurances from her family that they would be all right.

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