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Hey, y'all!


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not sure if I am doing this right, I have been around since the first print of EoW, but new to the puter. I am not quite sure what I am supposed to be writing here, but I guess anything is better than nothing? can anyone point me in the direction of other artists or art students, I am a student myself at the Art Institute of CA, Sacramento, majoring in Media Art and Animation. I am a serious Fantasy Fiction Fan, started with Tolkien went to Fritz Leiber, then to McCaffrey. This was all before highschool, there I really started getting into d&d and reading the dragonLance novels, kind of a backwards step but I loved the simplicity of the stories. It was during high school I got serious with my art, more so the writing aspect, creating characters and worlds complete with cultural backgrounds and weather patterns. I became engrossed in creating details for these worlds and kind of got lost in the art of creating. Life happened and I slacked off on reading, I spent a year in the hospital and needed some long reading, so I asked for the thickest book my mom could find at the book store, she brought me EoW, it was a new release, I read it 3 times before I got to The Great Hunt, I have been a voracious fan ever since. Now I am out of the army and started a family and going to school with one great quest in mind to create digitally the world of The Wheel. Just to see it for myself, to be able to visit Ceamlyn and to travel through the Boarderlands. So I this is my plan for my background work at school, professionally I will probably end up doing backgrounds for some off the wall company but as long as I have my imagination and my wheel I will be happy. so I guess I better go, I did not mean to write so much, I would like to hear from others with the same vission and desire to see a thunderstorm over the Mountains of Mist.

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Hi Denn! Welcome to Dragonmount! Glad you've found us.


I found the Wheel of Time series pretty late, comparatively -- I read some fantasy fiction years ago, but only came back to the genre a few years ago after playing World of Warcraft seriously for a while. I started reading the Warcraft novels to get background on the setting and the characters, and then branched out some on the recommendation of some guildmates, and got into the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin, and then Wheel of Time.


Who is your favorite WoT character?


Sounds like you're going to want to check out our Artists, Crafters and Writers guild if you're seriously into art -- you'll find the others you seek there:



The General Wheel of Time Discussion forum is always popular, of course, but the Social Community is one of the best things about this site if you ask me. It took me about a year to venture into that area, and I really feel like I missed out on a lot of fun and some good friends. Each of the Social Groups has a bit of a different emphasis and a different atmosphere, and you're welcome to join as many as you like, so feel free to poke around in their forums and see what suits you. I'm personally a member of the Black Tower, where we're all pretty much affected by the taint -- spam, games, spam, tainted brownies, spam, bacon, spam spam spammmm.... We're a spammy bunch. :wink:


If you have any other questions about the site, feel free to ask. We're a helpful lot around here, and someone is sure to point you in the right direction.


Have fun storming the castle!

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