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a'dam - too perfect?


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Egwene/Nynaeve/Elayne are also different with Moghedien because they have actually touched the Source one way or another.


Here are the possibilities; individual functions based on each status (entirely possible):

Please amend as needed.

x. bracelet : necklace (examples -> bracelet, necklace) CHARACTERISTIC


1. channeler, potential : channeler, potential NECKLACED-ONE LEASHED/NOTHING?

2. channeler, potential : channeler, blocked (some sul'dam-damane) NORMAL?*

3. channeler, potential : channeler, burnt out

4. channeler, potential : channeler, standard (some sul'dam-damane; Renna, Egwene) NORMAL?

5. channeler, potential : channeler, stilled

6. channeler, standard : channeler, standard (Egwene/Elayne, Moghedien) NORMAL?

7. channeler, standard : channeler, blocked

8. channeler, standard : channeler, burnt out

9. channeler, standard : channeler, potential (Egwene, Renna) NORMAL?

10. channeler, standard : channeler, stilled

11. channeler, blocked : channeler, blocked

12. channeler, blocked : channeler, burnt out

13. channeler, blocked : channeler, potential

14. channeler, blocked : channeler, standard (Nynaeve, Moghedien) UNBLOCKED ACCESS?**

15. channeler, blocked : channeler, stilled (Nynaeve, Siuan/Leane) SOMETHING THERE

16. channeler, burnt out : channeler, burnt out

17. channeler, burnt out : channeler, blocked

18. channeler, burnt out : channeler, potential

19. channeler, burnt out : channeler, standard (Setalle, Joline) PAIN

20. channeler, burnt out : channeler, stilled

21. channeler, stilled : channeler, stilled

22. channeler, stilled : channeler, blocked

23. channeler, stilled : channeler, burnt out

24. channeler, stilled : channeler, potential

25. channeler, stilled : channeler, standard (Siuan/Leane, Moghedien) CAN SENSE LEASHED

26. non-channeler : non-channeler (a la damane testing) NOTHING

27. non-channeler : channeler, standard (For example, sul'dam testing, potentially volatile) NOTHING

28. non-channeler : channeler, potential NOTHING***



29. channeler, potential : channeler, male (assume damane cannot hold bracelet)**** DEATH

30. channeler, male : channeler, standard/blocked/potential (damane; potential = bad luck) DEATH

31. channeler, male : channeler, male ?


*Might be differences between two.

**Depends on if actual links through channeler : channeler are possible; or if it still follows the behavioristic control mechanism.

***Assumedly, non-channeler : channeler, x would result in NOTHING.

****Disregards channeler, male status.

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