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  1. My problem with the body switch is not metaphysical or anything like that. The problem is that there was no explanation in the text as to what was going on for the "casual" reader. The whole crossed-balefire-streams thing is a creation of US on this forum and others like it. You can't just assume that someone reading WOT without participating in all this online craziness is going to know or remember anything about that. I guess I'm being a bit critical of the way it was written - assuming the reader is too much of an online fan.
  2. In TGH, there's some talk about how the channellers in Seanchan were making a mess of the whole place when Hawkwings armies first arrived. This led to a war with them and the turncoat "aes sedai" - except these weren't the aes sadai known in middle earth. These had no rules against using the power. A quote from someone - "How could you let people with that power walk free to scheme". The issues of what has Tuon thought about in terms of the damane is interesting, as are the topics you mention - like what place does a stilled damane have. But I think one of the strongest arguments that c
  3. "from what I recall it effectively blocks the power to the collared unless the controller allows. I think this would preclude your LTT scenario" No - Egwene channels while she is alone in the damane quarters in Falme, but only a little bit because it makes her feel ill. She later gets punished because Rene now she was channeling as soon as she puts on the bracelet.
  4. I'm doing a reread/relisten - and I'm towards the end of TGH - where we first see and learn all about the a'dam. It always struck me as a bit of a deus ex machina. Every possible way out was thought of by the inventor and blocked. That's what I mean by "too perfect". And of course it needs to be that perfect in order to work in the story. Does anyone else feel that way? So one question. Could a damane, especially a powerful one, pull a "Lews Therin Kinslayer" - quickly draw down enough of the power to destroy herself and those near her - quick enough before she's overcome by the pain
  5. In KOD Prologue, Alviarin is concerned about Yukuri and Doesine. She thinks about having them kidnapped and using a circle on them, thinking she would guide the flows herself. What could she be referring to but turning them with a 13x13 circle?
  6. The Dark One is the Past, he is Destruction. Existence is the fleetingly immeasurable amount of Time that makes up Now and the Dark One is the essence of Then, that which no longer is. The Bore is not a 'hole', the Bore is a weakening between Now and Then, Life and Death, Present and Past, Existence and Destruction. Saidin and Saidar push Existence along the Pattern, keeping it Now. The Dark One is trying to slow that Now and make it Then, destroying Time itself. I know I've heard this line of reasoning before somewhere - oh yeah ... Dark Helmet: What the hell am I looking at? When
  7. Ok - I know I'm gonna catch some heat for this - but I can say that this approach was SUCCESSFUL - it got my wife to start reading the books! I didn't try to go into any detail - no One Power, Aes Sedai, Dark One, etc etc. I simply said it was like the 'OC' meets Lord of the Rings. This was last year when the OC was still on TV, so just pick whatever favorite TV show you like with lots of young kids trying to figure out who likes who! You see, for me, one of the real big differences between WOT and other fantasy series is the real exploration of all of the young people in the series and th
  8. how does this sound for the ending - After dying at shayle gool, Rand wakes up in bed in his apartment, rolls over and tells Suzanne Pleshette that he's just had the strangest dream. Oh wait, maybe I heard that one before.
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