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  1. I have heard elsewhere on the forums that only a portion of the Sharan population was undertaken by Demandred's charms... Can someone give me a link for this? Also, (this is according to the BWB, so the evidence IS flawed) if the Ayyad cull channeling men for mating stock, then how do the Sharan male channelers we see work out? You'd assume that they would be depressed eunuchs (figuratively...)...
  2. Egwene/Nynaeve/Elayne are also different with Moghedien because they have actually touched the Source one way or another. Here are the possibilities; individual functions based on each status (entirely possible): Please amend as needed. x. bracelet : necklace (examples -> bracelet, necklace) CHARACTERISTIC 1. channeler, potential : channeler, potential NECKLACED-ONE LEASHED/NOTHING? 2. channeler, potential : channeler, blocked (some sul'dam-damane) NORMAL?* 3. channeler, potential : channeler, burnt out 4. channeler, potential : channeler, standard (some sul'dam-damane; Renna,
  3. It is logical to consider that the Prophecies this side of the Aryth Ocean were 'tampered' with as well. And I am in Terez's boat saying there are probably pre-Luthair Seanchan elements to the Essanik Cycle - I just hate how in the dark we are about the requirements for getting any said prophecy annexed to the Karaethon Cycle.
  4. Since the sul'dam has never touched the Source, it is impossible for her to conventionally link with damane; also, the power-level augmentation (in conventional circles, two channelers' strengths are combined making them stronger than an individual channeler but not at full strength as individuals together - if that makes sense) is also unseen between sul'dam and damane. This shows that it is NOT a linked circle and therefore would not buffer against overdrawing. Although, the sul'dam could most likely make it so unbearable for the damane if she even attempted; however, that being said, I
  5. Thanks, I had forgotten that bit. What I get from trying to remember instead of looking it up The issue with this is that it is still possible; remember there have been incidents of damane going haywire - not only around the periphery of Ebou Dar IIRC. If it is the case that they only went haywire because of the incorrect ter'angreal implementation then it may be that ter'angreal affect each other in ways not only as is but also if they are being mishandled.
  6. We hear about the 'forced circles' when Seaine and Co. coerce Talene into withdrawing the BA Oaths in KoD. However, stating that the a'dam is a ter'angreal with equivalent functions of a 'forced circle' is problematic. That is, not only can the sul'dam seldom not see the weaves or know them for what they are, the sul'dam cannot even touch the True Source. The only ability they have through the bracelet is the ability to know the status of their damane, but also the ability to compulse feelings (mainly uncomfortable ones to be used as behavioristic controls) which makes it more akin to th
  7. Another reason there are no DF (at least among the Kin around Elayne/Sea Folk around Elayne) is the fact that the BA (Careane) was actively creating friction between the two groups a la Lord of Chaos Rule strategy and the BA's surprise at the Kin's sheer numbers. I would like the plot device that all Kin were Shadow, but I find it very unlikely; especially due to the Forsaken's haughtiness with those weak in the Power/improperly trained. To revert to the topic at hand, Verin, let's try and refrain from speculation that Verin is Nakomi from a Mirror World and work with suppositions that hav
  8. yoniy0 - Considering Tarna Feir, the fact that she was turned via 13x13 does not immediately put her out of the BA. Verin's Purge may have changed protocol as other wishy-washy BA probably exist making it necessary to turn all of those in addition to those who follow the Light; however, I do recognize this as a weakpoint to my theory (and Elaida did bring her in...). rand4747 - I agree. Some evil must be necessary for the greater good, a usual means versus objective issue. I believe those red-wax-sealed-letters were written for the greater good, yet makes me wonder whether other red-wax-se
  9. Ebou Dar, Altara. Post-Seanchan. Lavish parties minus the strange smell from the Rahad and the threat of the beggar guild.
  10. I think Far Madding will be targeted and balefired by the Shadow, or maybe it will be used as a crux versus the Seanchan.
  11. Elaida. I have this weird feeling that many of the things she put into motion (even accidentally) will eventually really help out the Light. She single-handedly, albeit unintentionally, set forth in motion the idea to root out the BA through Seaine. Trying to maintain Tower-connections with Andor will probably be essential in the recovering of Caemlyn - perhaps even through revealing Traveling to the Seanchan, the Seanchan will instead focus efforts on rooting out the Dark and will be extremely effective in doing so with this weave (and maybe they will practice Unweaving with the Aiel Wise One
  12. Hm, based on such it seems RJ meant for Verin's heart to be clandestine. It is kind of funny how despite such secrecy a little Compulsion (which would most like be run-of-the-mill) revealed a greater proportion of the Black Ajah. The timing of the WT escape is just too soon despite the secrecy to hide Verin's body and hints that any of those who happened upon/knew about Verin's being in the Tower (at least Turese, Meidani, Laras, and Nicola + "Egwene's supporters") are put to immediate suspicion. I need to reread the post-GS books to see who could have known. What makes Verin particularly
  13. The DO allows channeling rarely; primarily for Traveling by the Forsaken to nearby Shayol Ghul. I remember reading RJ stating an otherwordliness of the Blight, but perhaps Shayol Ghul is not included in this? Meaning that perhaps Shayol Ghul is the anchor/gateway that allows the otherwordliness to ebb out...
  14. 1) I have this inkling that her heart encompassed Liandrin and Alviarin (might as well be, they all end in 'rin'). 2) The informant has been stated to be Galina (as she knows of Alviarin), but are we to assume that each individual member of a single heart has its own informants? Or that the entire heart has one informant?
  15. This is one I can think of that I can't seem able to find... 1)Who were the other members of her heart? 2)Who was her informant?
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