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Who are these two women? Your thoughts? AMOL Cover


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I know it's well into discussions on the comments of the article, but I didn't see this posted here yet, in the actual discussion section. If it's around somewhere feel free to delete this thread.


Blue - are those streaks of gray in her hair? Can't be Alivia, she has golden hair. Possibly Moraine just by the dress colour. Some people mentioned they could see the jewel on her forehead on some tor.com sketches. If someone has those please post them! Possibly Egwene I guess, though I think she's taken up wearing more green...


Yellow - Possibly Alivia, hair colour is right. I highly doubt it's Nynaeve since the hair is cropped pretty short and seems light, though who knows what sort of emo fit Nyn goes through before this scene right? It looks like there might be soemthing on Yellow's forehead, suggesting Nynaeve again, but still... the hair?


I'm leaning toward Moraine and Alivia, but I don't know, just like Rand.... I'm stumped.

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it's nyn (yellow dress, kai san (on zoom you can see the little dot on the forehead), short hair, she lost the braid in her shawl test) and moir (blue dress, long hair, about the same height as nyn)


oh, and when you said something about the one in yellow's hair, you did remember that nyn lost her braid in her shawl test right? her hair is short now.


and yah the nyn hair color is way off, so great argument there, but if blue is moir her hair color is off as well. you can see my hair color in my picture and it looks black, but it is dark brown. moir has really dark hair like most cairhainin, yet in this image her hair is easy to see as brown.

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