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Actually, I've been posting for a little while, now. But I figured I'd introduce myself anyway.


My name's Nathan, but you can call me Sephie. As for the rest...


"Shall I start at the beginning, like David Copperfield? I am born, I grow up? Or shall I start when I was born to WoT, as they say?" ;)

Okay, shameless insertion. But at least I used something GOOD.


One of my friends introduced me to WoT in middle school. We'd read Feist, by then, and one of our other friends had started Salvatore. But we went a different path. A better path, I fervantly believe.


It took me three days to get to Winter's Night, complaining to everyone who would listen that nothing was happening for SIXTY PAGES!

It took me three more to finish the book, after the door was kicked in. Less, I think.


In the six years since, I've been through the series twice and am on PoD for my third time around.


It's actually because of RJ that I started writing. I fell in love with that, and that's what I'm pursuing professionally.



On a lighter note, I was wondering if anyone wanted to voice their opinion on a rather obscure debate. Who would win: Rand post-ToM, or SS4 Goku? I honestly think it's getting to be a fair question, which is almost sad.

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Epic Fantasy--what else? ;)


I like to think of my main series as a spiritual successor to WoT (kinda unavoidable, being my first and all) but with twists to themes.


For instance, a main theme in WoT is the main characters being unsure if they can trust the people supposedly serving them. My characters often end up having to serve people they are pretty sure they can't trust. Stuff like that, inspired by RJ, but not copying.


Although, I think magic systems aren't my very strongest point at the moment. I'm much better at character development. I'm hoping to be *done* with the first book in the series by year's end.

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Hi and welcome to DM, Sephie! Glad you joined us :)


I'm haven't read ToM yet, so I can't answer your question :P But I'll ask a one of my own: do you have a favorite WoT nation? Or a favorite character?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions. I hope you'll like it here!!

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Hi everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome!


@ Ledinna Sedai: The country that has intrigued me the most hasn't actually had facetime. Arafel seems REALLY interesting to me. I've actually started a fanfic about a woman wilder from Kandor who goes through Arafel on her way to Tar Valon. It's set furing the Aiel War, and features Darkfriends and Black Ajah. But I've put it on hold until the last book is released, in case someone happens to go to the cities listed. I also need to do more detailed research on the War. (Does anyone know if that was in Ishy's cycle of freedom? I don't think so, but...)


As for favorite people, probably Perrin, Nyneave, and Logain. Rand during TGS was written exquisitely, IMO, but he wasn't quite someone I'd hand around with. ;p

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Welcome, Sephie!


Definitely post some stuff from your book here, or give us the title when you're done! I'd like to go into writing myself at some point.


That idea with Ishy and the Aiel War is very interesting. That would mean that he is essential to the rebirth of the Dragon. You should make a thread in the Wheel of Time Discussion place!

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Thanks for the greetings, all!


@Kudaran: (what is your preferred short name, btw?) I thought the idea was intriguing, but I asked around, and it's pretty clear that Ishy was freed just after Aiel War. So, no go. But I can tweak the start of my story, and still have him in it. :) Cheesy? Maybe. But fun.


Also, I know why fanfic is discouraged here, completely reasonable. But was RJ against it being affiliated with him, or against its existence? I'd kinda feel guilty were it the latter.


I was also wondering about the seriousness of double-posting at DM. some sites are avoid-at-all-costs militant, while some are slightly more lax. Do we edit our brains out regardless of circumstances? Just figured I should know before commiting forum feux pas. (though I think I already did somewhere. oops.)

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