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  1. It's probably highly illegal. Combine that with the danger of actually using it, and the fact that it's easily recognisable, and I don't think it would be to smart to do so. (I'm speculating about the illegal thing. I honestly haven't heard this meantioned, IIRC, which is odd, because it seems like SOMEONE would have done this.)
  2. Tyr puts his hand in Fenrir's mouth to help trick him/imprison him, and has it bitten off. Rand is trying to make a deal with the Seanchan, uniting Randland in order to face TG, keep DO imprisoned, and has his hand burned off by arguably the most monstrous character in the books. So, I'd go with Tyr. (Tyr is god of Justice and Heroic Glory, among other things. As of TGS, Rand and Justice are connected, and as of ToM and Malden, Rand and Heroic Glory go together pretty well.) Dang it, thisguy beat me to it! :)
  3. Maybe she'll find the time next time she gets kidnapped, and is waiting for rescue. ;) But seriously, this idea has some merit. I don't know that there's room for it to happen in AMoL, though. Maybe as part of the epilogue, assuming none of our other crazy fan speculation happens. (body-swap, TaR, etc.) There seems to be another few things foreshadowing this, but I can't remember at the moment. On the other hand, (ha!) it would seem like she would have started along this path already. honestly, thinking about it from a writer's perspective, I find it unlikely. it doesn't have REAL plot significance, and there's no established arc. AMoL is third act, so all I'm really expecting is pay-off from the first two.
  4. Obviously, in CAN be won. The odds, however, are stacked so high against the player(s) that before ToM, no one knew anyone who had done it without cheating. Just because it's POSSIBLE to flip a coin 1000 times and have it land on heads every time, doesn't mean you've ever met anyone who's done it. - - - Jumara(sp) are the Worms, right? I know RJ's answer to what the Worms become is "nothing you'd want to meet", but is there a general agreement as to what that is, exactly? And what about how they were made in the first place? similar to trollocs? or a mystery, like the Gholam?
  5. Do we know if Taim ever knew who Dashiva was? IIRC, Dashiva was close-ish to Taim, so Taim probably knew he was a DF. But a Chosen?
  6. The Towers of Midnight. That whole scene was f***ing surreal, to me. Enough so to make it unintentionally funny. Perrin "helping" Rand in the counterpoint to VoG. And, while we're at it, Rand's raging in VoG. Perrin in ToM. Anything he's in. All I can think of, at the moment. Unfortunately, all are the last books, but RJ at least drafted on VoG and ToM scenes, I think. By the way, I always thought "He burns like the sun!" was a delightful line, almost beautiful. Look at it closely, and it works on different levels. Yeah, the rest is Narm-worthy, but I think that last makes up for it.
  7. I don't think she would willingly, knowingly turn. She could be tricked, though I don't think it's likely. Personally, I think it would be satisfying as a reader to see her get 13x13 turned. That would be some fun chaos. (I'm not trying to be anti-Egwene, here. Think what it would do for the plot!) It's a little late in the game for that, but it would be disappointing if we don't see it on-screen somewhere.
  8. Question: Everyone hates on Hinderstap. Why? Is it purely the WTF, left-field, never-to-be-seen-again element to the whole thing? Or is it a certain resemblance to the Zed word? Personally, I found those pages, as the sun went down, to be a fine, almost poetic counterpoint to the night in Tar Valon in TDR, when Mat is assaulted by "footpads". I loved the slow build of: something's wrong; no, something's really wrong; stop it, Mat, pay attention, something's REALLY wrong; MAT YOU FREAKING IDIOT GET OUT OF THERE!
  9. I have actually had similar questions about the Seanchan. This is how I see it: AB, Channelers become ruling class. If I was a "Magical Overlord" competing with other "Magical Overlords" for dominion, my #1 priority would be "Magical Artifacts to double my power". Thus, setting many non-channelers, led by a lower-class channeler or two, to look for angreal, etc., I would thrive. This strategy would seem to lead to a plethora of recovered artifacts. And yet, to the best of our knowledge, there is no such abundance. There are a few reasons I can think of why this might be, but none of them seem to fit. And don't even get me started on Adviendha's plotty lack of opportunity to look through WT for something useful, the lack of using "need", and so on. I've ranted plenty about that elsewhere. :)
  10. Actually, as far as WoT-bashing goes, you've come the closest that I've seen to expressing your problems with it legitimately. Having said that, starting a flame war that is totally off-topic won't earn very many brownie points. Onto the original topic. I like Fiona McIntosh's Quickening Trilogy, but some others don't. If you mean to pick it up, be warned: BAD THINGS HAPPEN. It's been said above, but Brandon Sanderson doesn't do elves, dwarves, or dragons. He does original, engaging magic systems and intricate, interweaving plot. Worth a read, in general. I recently started The Black Prism, by Brent Weeks. Pretty good, and wholly original as far as I know. Loki by Mike Vasich is traditional, but in a very different way. A must-read for fans of Norse mythos.
  11. In Randland air molecules are actually really tiny cakes. That's the ONLY answer that makes sense. :D
  12. 1. This is my belief, as well, though for a different reason. 2. There's a flaw in that logic, like the balefire paradox. If DO destroys the pattern both forward and backward, then there never was any pattern. If there never was a pattern, the DO could not decide to destroy it, If the DO did not plan to destroy it, it still exists. Repeat the loop until bored. :) On the other hand, he could destroy the pattern forward and sideways. That is, if we are turnings beyond number in the past, it is possible that DO could destroy our future in the infinite distance, and all other realities at the same time. But I think that unlikely. I am rather interested in seeing that interview, although of course Jordan kind of let the cat out of the bag in the first book I suppose what with those quotations from works from the Fourth Age. Several times, RJ answered that this turning of the Wheel was no different than any other. I believe we can agree that it is unlikely the DO has already won ultimate victory in a past turning. Logically, if this turning is not significantly different than any other, the DO cannot win at this turning. Following the logic further, this turning is significantly different from neither past nor future turnings, and so the DO cannot win ever. And for the clever people who think that the Mat/Tuon thing is a garuntee of safety, consider this: RJ did not lie as far as we know, but he also did not spoil anything so far ahead. It is a remote possibility that he gave that assurance so that we would be surprised by the end (one, or both of them, die). I don't think that'll happen, but it almost makes more sense than him having told the truth.
  13. Good question! That would be interesting, wouldn't it? I don't remember that it specifically states one way or another, but I imagine that in AoL, no one reproduces unless they want to(with advanced science and OP use being what it is). If the Forsaken are anything, they're selfish. Since parenting is an unselfish act involving sacrifice and dedication, I don't think any of the Forsaken would have even considered it.
  14. That line of thought creeps me out-- Egwene isn't little-miss-snooty throughout the whole series. Not really. She's in the hands of evil (or close enough)women from halfway through TGH, and into TGS? That's scary. And, according to this theory, she still might be under Compulsion from any of the numerous DF/Forsaken that have been manipulating her? That actually makes me feel sorry for her.
  15. Thank you for killing the thread, Suttree, with you and your immutable truth. :) (I think it was half-rhetorical, like those would be interesting times to read.)
  16. I don't know why it's different, but the stanza is likely all that exists. IIRC, it was said to have been written by LTT.
  17. What is on the freaking book ter'angreal????? Maybe it's just me, but any ammount of AoL knowledge, and possibly some fragments that predate AoL, seems a little too important to find it in KoD, spend a sentence explaining what it does, and then move on and not mention it again. For all they know, it could have a full bio on all the "three name" Forsaken, including their favorite weaves and what kind of food they gobble down too fast to think to check for poison. :) This is #1 in my questions, recently. Not TG, not BT, not SH or Fain; book ter'angreal. Like a splinter under my skin.
  18. Do we currently know where Ragan is/whose party he is with? As of ToM.
  19. Perrin's strenth in TAR has developed to incredible levels as of ToM, levels that rival the big 3. Slayer and he have been hunting one another in TAR throughout the series; probably 50-60 pages had been devoted specifically to their TAR fights, nevermind the talking, taunting, etc. Frankly, I've started to lose interest in their fighting. It's the same, mostly, over and over and over. But it has shown Perrin's growing experience in TAR, the evolution of his abilities. I think the logical extension of this is for him to do something seemingly impossible. I think in AMoL, he could split Luc and Isam. It would make sense; Slayer has had a peculiar connection to TAR from the beginning, a connection that hints at his origins. If Slayer was amalgamated in TAR, he could be split the same way. Aside from that, it would be more interesting than: "TG, final showdown, round 3, FIGHT!" I know that Perrin knows quite a bit about Slayer from experience. Does he know of Slayer's origin? I can't remember one way or another(been away from that piece of the storyline for quite awhile.). This just occurred to me, I don't have a real stake in the theory. I'd just like to see what some of you think, and whether it is flat-out impossible.
  20. That's just the thing: I don't think there is more information about it. Clever us, we've figured out that it's (almost certainly) Justice. But there is little to no further information about the sword. Personally, I believe it is only a sword. Power wrought, maybe ancient, but only a sword. How it may affect the plot is just as interesting, though.
  21. I always assumed Cad taught him to cry by bringing Tam to him. She caused the final snap, teaching him to laugh and cry. Not sure how she taught the Ashamen however. I'll never get that. I always thought that she only thought she was teaching him to laugh and cry. She did, of course, but that was incidental--the real thing she taught Rand about himself, and by extension all AM, was that they were not weapons, but men. That is the crucial lesson, the lesson that changed the world. AM will likely be a major power in the world post-TG, so imagine the difference between humans who wield OP, and maniacs who believe their only purpose is to kill. The difference between a world nearly intact, and another breaking.
  22. Wounds of madness and cutting of hope? Well, Nynaeve has healed madness. Additionally, being stilled is being "severed", which I would call the cutting of hope. Intriguing that Nynaeve fits this prophecy much better than Rand does.
  23. Or maybe it's completely possible for a Dreamer to enter WW from TAR, her WW body just dies. I'm not sure we've seen one way or another. Also, with inanimate objects, where is it said that it cannot be given TAR mass and substance, and be transported out? Let's say Rand is battling Forsaken, both using fire/air for explosions, etc. Dust from the stones fills the air, smoke coats them. Then they go to WW. Are they suddenly clean, or are they still covered in evidence of their conflict--essence of TAR? With both of these, I don't believe we have concrete proof one way or another, so it's just a fun thing to consider. If anyone knows of proof and feels like providing quotes for or against, I'd much appreciate it.
  24. "You know" was all she said. --Min and Elayne scene(for the life of me, I can't remember where). For sheer brevity, that's the WoT equivilent of "Jesus wept." "Blood and bloody ashes!" --Mat, many many many many times. And Nynaeve, once. Many more, but I'd have to locate the WoT quote archive, and google betrayed me with a dead link.
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