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Approved CotL Bio for Corik Resoime - CC'ed CotS


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Handle: Arinth

Character: Corik Resolme

Age: 22

Email: franz500sir@yahoo.com



Child of the Light


170 pounds

Red hair

Green eyes



OOC: I have a hell of a time writing normal bios so I apologize if the style of this one is a little different. I've been trying to figure out one to write for a long time but this is the first time I had any inspiration so I just wrote it in the way that it came to me. Let me know if anything needs to be changed.


His brother’s blood was still on his hands. The reflection that stared back at him as he kneeled to scrub his hands in the river was harder than he recalled. And the red angry gash across his cheek was still dripping blood. It burned as if it was on fire with each tear that found its way into the wound. He scrubbed at the wound too before he slumped down exhausted against the nearest tree.


He had done his best to outrun the visions but the last expression on his brother’s face still haunted him despite the miles he had covered. It was not suppose to be this way. He had warned his brother, he had pleaded with him, he had threatened and he had done everything he could to stop his brother from leaving with the others. His brother dreamed of glory though and he could not be pulled away from the dragon banner they carried.


Corik had watched his brother Stephen ride away with the others, away from the peaceful farm they grown up on with their younger sister. He had turned his back on them and left without looking back. They had never been trained in how to fight. All that they knew was the hard work on the farm.


He had not believed the rumors and stories that he heard at first. The men his brother had left with were not bandits. They could not have raided farms, destroyed fields and attacked families. Not his brother. He refused to believe it.


There were men raiding the farms though. He had seen the ruins himself and he could never marry Sara Greening if something happened to her. He left his chores unfinished when he had heard of the most recent raid. He was still far from the Greening farm when he saw smoke in the air. With his heart in his throat he ran until he found himself before the Pensing farm. Why them? They were an old peaceful couple that kept chickens.


He saw dust on the road and what appeared to be a group of riders leaving the farm but he saw a horse in front of the Pensing house, an old tired horse that he recognized. He had to step closer. He had to make sure. A tear fell from his eye as he patted old Yoling’s head. She had always been a good horse.


He raised his head as the sound of footsteps reached his ears. His brother was emerging from the house. He was carrying a sword that still dripped blood.


“How could you?” He shouted.


His brother stumbled back, surprise flashing across his face. He raised his sword but he could not ward off Corik’s words. Corik pushed him. He did not expect the sword that came flashing towards his face, not from his brother. He flinched back instinctively at the last moment as it bit into his cheek. He found himself on the ground wrestling with his brother. There was a rage that had come upon him that he had never experienced before and when his vision finally cleared he was on top of his brother with his hands on the hilt of his brother’s sword. The other end of the sword was buried in his brother’s chest. His brother’s eyes stared lifelessly up at him. Blood was spilling from the wound. Corik tried to stop it but it was no use.


He stumbled to his feet and stared down at the blood on his hands. He ran and he ran. On the second day he knew he could never go back. These Dragonsworn had ruined his life. They were the ones that killed his brother. He rose from the tree with a new purpose. He had to kill them and it was the Children of the Light that fought against the Dragonsworn and the dark friends of the world. They were the ones who protected the innocent and those who walked in the light.





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