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Ayla tippytoes into teh middle of teh Black Tower. Wondering why she is holding a shovel, she weaves Earth and Air and makes a big hole in the middle of the floor. She carefully suspends a bootiful nana over teh hole, covers the floor with a most cleverly disguised net and sneaks back into the shadows to wait and see if anyfink falls in.

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Thor wonders about the Black Tower with nothing but a peanut butter and jelly sandwich


"Man, you know what would go great with this sammich?" He thought to himself....."I banana but

you'll never find like that this time of night....wait....OHHHHH...teh magic banana!"


Momentarily mesmerized, Thor walkses over and trips into a big net.


*flippityfloppity* Oh noes!

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Aaaaaachoooo! Errhem. :/


*le Nya trips over a trail of nanas as she hops down teh BT corridor hoping to get some hot chamomile (bleurgh) tea to sooth her sore throat. It's a shivvery cold night and so it seems like a gift from teh sky when she spies teh lurvliest, fluffiest llamawool sweater she has eeeeeever seen!* :biggrin:


*she drops to teh floor and inches along behind the sweater. Pinching her nose shut with one hand, she shufflycrawlies the last few metres aaaand- JUMPS just as the urge to sneezysneeze becomes too great to-*


AAAACHOOOOOOOO GOTCHA!!! *Nya hangs in midair for a moment hugging teh sweater, before suddenly realising there is a hole under her*





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