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Approved WK Bio for Zierna - CC'd by WT


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Name: Zierna

Gender: female

Age: 20

Origin: Andor

Height: 5 ft 11 inch

Weight: 145lbs

Hair: Red hair

Eyes: pale blue eyes

Physical Appearance: She has long red hair and pail blue eyes before her eyes changed to gold around the age of 19, with a willowy but athletic frame, she is not overly beautiful but at the same time she is not plain either.


Skills Tailor, Defensive Fighting, Tracking, Hunting, Knives, Horse back riding, Cooking,

Camping, and Herbalist.


Equipment: A few coins and one pack that has some clothes, a sewing pack, several knives, and her possession are small in number because she does not thing she needs a lot. She has some herbs that help with pain for her headaches.


Personality: Saying that she is docile is an understatement; her personality is that of a sweet girl until her protective instincts come out. She is naturally agile but lacks strength that most people have at her age.


Other Information: Due to the color of her eyes she has sensitivity to light and gets headaches because of this kind of like how albinos are with their pink eyes. She is not albino in any way just has really light colored eyes that affects how the light sensitive her eyes are. Over time she will gradually be able to tolerate the pain that she is in to where only those who know her really well will see her discomfort. Her only companion is her wolf Shadow Dancer that follows her every where.




This hunt that occupied her time was going to be a long one; there was no doubt in her mind of that. She had already been searching for several months with out much luck of finding the one person she was looking for. Between the changes in her self and the new addition to her family the last few months had been very interesting. Traveling with a wolf had its good points and a few startling ones, they had to do a lot of hiding from other people because they were adverse to her eyes and the wolf walking with her. This of course took place after the changes started and she had left home to find her brother. It had taken her a long time to come to grips with the fact that her parents considered her brother lost to them. Zierna would never accept that, it was one of the reasons she was now out in the dark sitting by a fire in some strange area of a country she was not familiar with. The light of the fire played on her face as she thought back over the past; absently she twirls one of her knives in her hand as she thinks. Tal was happily laying beside her his tail thumping the ground occasionally. The light flashing in her eyes triggers a memory that changed her life several years ago.


“Zie come on you can not hide in the dark all day, we have to go.â€


Zierna smiled and walked out of the house, she closed her eyes for a few moments and waited for the normal pain to subside so that she could open her eyes and look around the small clearing behind their home. Dominic was standing next to the path waiting and bouncing from foot to foot. Her mother stood there drying off her hands as she watched the two of them.


“I am coming Dominic, just give me a moment.â€


There was a slightly pained noted to her voice but her twin understood and waited with a little more patents. Their father was already headed down the main path leading in to the forest that surrounded their home. After her eyes adjusted to the light she started to run towards her brother, taking his arm the started off down the path. The whole day was spent tracking animals as their father taught them and checking the traps that they had placed out a few days before. While Zie and Dominic were checking one of the traps they heard their father shout and some raised voices. Both of them looked at each other and took off running for where their father was checking traps. When they came around the corner, her brother skidded to a stop and she had to cover her eyes from the bright light. When she was able to open her eyes she could not believe what she was seeing, her father was in a fight with two other men.


The light flashing off the weapons hurt her eyes causing her to close them, at that moment one of the men shouted and there was a cry from their father to move or hide. Zierna not being able to see shifted to the side out of pure instinct and the knife that was meant for her imbedded in to the tree behind her. There was a shocked silence from all around but her father acted and managed to scare the two men off, the others shouted comments as they ran off. Zie’s father turned to look at her and started over to where they both were standing. There was concern on his face as he looked over his daughter to make sure she was alright.


“Zierna, Are you alright?â€


“Yes Father, my eyes hurt though, can we go back home? I forgot to bring some of my herbs mother gave me.â€


Even as his head started to nod yes, there was something strange that came to his eyes, all three of them started to run back towards the cabin. As Zierna ran she saw one of the herbs her mother had taught her could help with her pain. With out braking stride she picked a few of the leaves and started chewing on one as she followed her father and brother. When they reached the cabin every thing seemed to be normal, the clothes were still hanging up and Leya could be heard humming from in side. Relief swept though all of them and they went about the chores that needed to be done before dinner. Not wanting to alarm Leya all of them said nothing about the men in the forest at that time, later that night Davarn told Leya what happened.


It was soon after that her father had started to teach her how to defend herself; he thought that there was need since on a few occasions she had been sent to check the traps alone. Some of the things he showed her were how to use another’s attack to defend herself, since she did not have the strength to stand up to a man hitting her. He urged her to deflect the hits and make her opponent do all the work, it took some time and a few bumps and bruises before she was able to stand toe to toe with her brother. After several months he started to show her how to use knives while defending herself against an attack. During this time he had Dominic learning to use a staff as well as a practice sword, which Zie thought was strange that he had but she did not question her father. Leya started to make up packs of herbs that she could take with her and even started to teach her the harmful herbs as well.


It was not until a few days after her 19th name day that a mystery came about that bothered her more than she liked to admit. Her dreams that night seemed strange, jumbled visions of places she had never been and smells that were unfamiliar. Deep down she felt a call to come some where in the mountains but she resisted because it did not seem right. Some thing was off in her dream, it was more real than it should have been this time, danger was present and she needed to wake up.


When she did managed to wake up it was to the concerned faces of both her parents, they had been trying to wake her up for two days. In that time men had come to the house and trashed it, her brother was now missing, they had sent him out to check on some of the traps and he had not returned. She had taken one look around her room and frowned, all of her things were scattered all over the floor. Her pictures that had been on the walls were lying broken on the floor and even her bed was in shambles. It almost seemed like some one picked up the home and dropped it right back where it had been. Shaken by her vision and what her parents she went to her brother’s room and opened the door, his room was a mess and her brother was gone. The only sign of any thing that might be strange is that his window was cracked and open.


Zierna’s father spent the next few days searching the forest for any sign of her brother and where he might have gone. Even Zierna took to the forest to try and find some trail of him, but no matter how hard she looked she could not find any thing. No marks in the ground around the cabin, the only sign that any thing might have happened was a small scuff mark on one of the trees close to their home. At night her visions continued to bother her, more and more she felt a calling to come. With her sleep interrupted by strange dreams her headaches became worse when she was out in the light, her nights were restless and her days filled with searching. It did not seem to matter how much they searched, there was no telling what direction they went. When her father stopped looking for her brother and her mother was mourning him, Zierna realized that the only way to find her brother was to go and track him by herself. The words spoke that day still haunt her but she knew that they had to be said her parents had given up on finding her brother.


Her memories shift and take her back even farther in time to when she had some trouble with the local boys and her father’s reaction to what was done. Absently she reaches down to stroke Shadow Dancer while her past memories flow though her mind.


There are some times when in life you just can’t help but get involved, with Zierna it only seemed to be when some one needed protection from some one else. When she was about 15 her father sent her to the village to get some thread so that he could finish some leather work for a neighbor. After she picked up what he needed she was walking back towards the path that would lead her home when a sound caught her attention. Turning down a small alley she saw two of the older village boys cornering a younger girl, AIiau was her name Zie thought. She moved closer and when one of the boys went to grab the girl she moved between them. There was a moment of silence as the two boys tried to think of what to do, Zie used that moment to check on the girl.


The look of fear on her face was enough to make Zie growl and her eyes seemed to catch the light strangely, no one should be afraid in their home. She reached behind her and pushed the girl to the side so that she was more fully between her and the boys. This of course caught the attention of the larger boy who started to advance on both of them, the words and threats spoken did not faze Zie at all she was just watching the movement of the boy. As they moved back down the alley the boy charged at them when he realized that his comments were not affecting Zierna at all.


What happened after that was the reason that Zie was not allowed to go in to the village alone. When the boy attacked, Zie shifted herself and the other girl out of the way. It was just a minor movement that put them out of harms way but in doing so the boy ran right past then and collided with the building. It was just dumb luck that there happened to be a window there and it was broken by the boys head. With the angle that he broke the window there were lot of cuts on his face and neck, with all the blood that came form the cuts the other kids ran off. The girl that Zierna was protecting thanked her but followed the others examples and ran off as well. It was only the force of the hit that saved the boys life, be bounced back form the window and landed on his back. With the noise from the boy and the window being broke the adults were standing there in no time at all and started to question Zierna about what happened. It was easy to tell that they did not believe her, and probably never would have unless Bentar hadn’t spoken up and confirmed her story. Other little problems like this happened even earlier in her life but none caused as much trouble as this one.


The rest of her child hood was happy, the minor things happened but there was nothing really terrible that happened. The only thing that shadowed her childhood was something that she had found away to cope with. Since she was a baby there were times where she would cry and her parents could not figure out what might be the reason. Any time that she was left in the light she would cry for what seemed like no reason; it was only when she was inside or it was evening that her crying would stop.


It was not until she was a little order that she could actually tell them that her head hurt or that her eyes hurt. Although it was strange her parents believed her and over time she was able to come out in to the sun with out stopping for a few moments for the pain to subside. As time passed the pain seemed to get worse, when her headaches started more often there were time where she would be bed ridden because of the her headaches. Her mother would give her some herbs to help ease it but it never actually went completely away. By the time she was 18 she had a little bit of a tolerance for the pain but there were still some days that she would have to spend in bed if the headaches were strong. Even with this trouble she did not let it stop her from doing things with her family and having a wonderful childhood.


Her parents were wonderful, her mother, Leya collected herbs from the forest that they lived in for those in the village. While her father was a trapper and hunted for deer and other animals, his name was Davarn. The only other one in her family was her twin brother Dominic, he looked almost exactly like her, but his eyes were brown. The family was close and always went in to the forest together, while her brother and father checked the traps Zierna and her mother would collect herbs from the trails that they followed. Some times she would go with her father and help him along with her brother because she liked tracking the animals. Her father would show her what to look for and watch her as she tracked smaller animals. Seeing that she had interest in tracking he also started to show her how to work the leather he got from hunting.


A small smile slid across her face as she thought about when she was little, there were several times where she had been in bed for the morning because of the headaches but now she only about three days out of the week that she woke up with a headache. It seemed to be getting better, either that or she was building up a tolerance to the pain. She was not sure what it was that caused her pain, and no one else could figure it out either. Shaking her head she looked around the camp, there was so much land she had to cover. After having words with her parents she had gone in to her room and packed a few of her things. They did not accept her going but knew that it was something she needed to do in order to let her brother go. With the changes they had started to see in her were unsettling and they did not know what to do about her. What has surprised her was that after getting out of the area that they searched she found a trail to track. Not aware that her senses were making it easier for her find the trail she left home to find him.


It was soon after leaving she did start noticing the changes, the visions and impressions she was getting at night were stronger. Her physical vision was better but she still had headaches in the early morning light or if some thing shiny glinted towards her. One morning she had awaken to a cold nose; a pair of gold eyes and a very furry face only a breath away form her. She should have been afraid but some thing in its eyes made her smile. There was an impression of shadows dancing on the forest floor in the middle of a warm summer’s day, Shadow Dancer for the short version. He seemed curious about her and she could not help but like him, they stared at each other for some time before either one of them moved.


* flashes came to her mind with a strong impression of some thing that eluded her. People and wolves, homes and mountains**


At first she was startled by his communication and it took some time to figure out what it was that he was sending her. Almost 4 hours later she was able to find her voice after working out that what he sent was Family or Kin. After that day they traveled together on the trail of her brother even though she was sure that he was trying to change her direction. Subtly he was moving them towards the far off mountains, even when she was sure that they were heading where the last clue told her to go.


She had been on that trail for along time, and the few answers that she had managed to get from people she had met did not bode well for her brother. There was a whisper of all kinds of nasty things, and an even softer whisper of him being dead. Time would tell she was sure as she continued on the trail, it had to lead to some where and she was not going to give up until she finds the truth. She had believed that for most of their journey up until Shadow Dancer refused to continue down the road she was on, when she turned to look at him in question there was an impression and images in her mind that were not familiar to her.


*trees rooted to the ground, excitement, a need to stay in one place, something coming that will help, an image of the grove they just passed.*


All of the images were jumbled together and knowing that Shadow Dances would not leave the spot she sat down and tried to figure out what all the images meant to her. It was some time pass mid day when every thing seemed to click in her mind, Shadow Dancer wanted her to wait with him at the grove until some one else came to meet them and could help her with the questions she had. Sighing with relief and understanding she smiled at the wolf and set out to wait for who ever was coming to see them.

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