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Hai guize!!


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Obviously I'm new here. I'm just saying hello as seems to be protocol. I've been a WoT fan for over 20 years now. Yeah, I'm kind of old school I guess (or maybe that doesn't constitute old school here, I don't know). I remember how excited I was when The Shadow Rising was released, and how I read that in high school instead of doing less important things like paying attention. I was really drawn in by the mythology and the existential questions it raised. Obviously, I still am.


I guess I will poke around on here a bit more. I was hoping to find some discussion of the goals of the the Great Lord of th... err... I mean, the Dark One! ;) Recently, Moridin speculated that he simply wants to destroy everything, though the assumption of pretty much every other Darkfriend is that he will remake the universe in his own image. Anyhow, I'm not gonna get too much into that in my intro post, but good message board etiquette tells me i should seek out existing threads on something before starting a new one. I'm going to poke around a bit more and see if I can find a thread discussing this.


Okay, long winded. Sorry. Hello people. :)

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