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Resident Evil 6 trailer


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in my view it looks like they've put in too many character storylines, i just wish they'd wrap up the original character's stories then move onto a new generation


I dunno, if we are lucky they'll be going back to there roots.

1 Character

1 Campeign


Maybe... just maybe we may get lucky and have '6' different 'games' or 'stories' all focused in this new city?

Much like how in RE1, you could play as jill or chris (or whoever they are) and the beginnings were different, as well as some of hte story if I'm not mistaken.


If they are going ot have us flashing between different 'characters' through out it, then yea, its going to suck, but if we effectively get 6 different games, with 6 different characters, with 6 different stories? Thats going to be killer awesome!

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dont get me wrong, its always great to see a new RE game but it makes me wonder how many games are left in the franchise


As long as people keep buying them, there'll be new games.


Just look at MGS.

4 was going to be the last one... now its not.

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the new MGS game is gonna be Raiden and from what i can gather its supposed to bridge the gap between 2 and 4


Yes, but the main point is, that like with RE. MGS was supposed to end with 4. Now theres Peace Walker out, and a new one with raiden coming up. (That ones not even beingmade by the original guy this time.)

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