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Hello everyone!


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Hi there,


I'm actually an old RP'er come back to see if I still got what it takes. I used to play a lot on Dragonmount, but that was many years ago and I'm looking for a fresh start. A new bio, am probably starting in the White Tower with a nice novice bio. Take some classes, get to know my fellow RP writers and hope to have a lot of fun!


As said, have been out of the game for years, so I'll take my sweet time in catching up on rules, story lines and getting to know the crowd. But any help on that is welcome. For those of you who remember Calliste, Dawn, Lyv or any of my old characters I'm not bringing any of them back. It might help to remember me though, hehe. But I am hoping to find that old writing spirit again!



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Welcome back to DM, Shiva! :) I like the name.


I've just started to RP with a novice. It would be nice to RP with you some time, though I'm so new that I don't know your old characters.



Do you have a least favorite character? Or favorite Forsaken?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions; DM's probably changed by time.


I hope you will like it here!! :)

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Hi Ledinna and thanks for the warm welcome! :)


My old characters died years ago, so I'm pretty much a n00b when it comes to the Dragonmount boards now. But that's fine, I like meeting some new people and start on some stories. I just sent in my bio, so as soon as that's approved and Ok'd by the powers that be I'd love to write with you. I wrote a headstrong girl who might get herself in a pinch or two, hope you're up for that! ;)


To answer your question, not a real favorite character. I do like the Forsaken in that they have a lot of freedom. I once wrote a story around Lanfear who met the other Forsaken challenging them one by one, for a NaNoWriMo (2005!), that was a lot of fun.


And on the boards I used to look up to quite a few of the great writers, hope they're still around.

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