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So, I joined this site almost exactly a year ago, two days past, while I was in Afghanistan. I puttered around on the site for maybe a month, then had some things come up that prevented me from accessing the internet, but eventually led to my leaving Afghanistan, safe and healthy. I had intended to return to the site when I got settled back home, which would have been around June or July, but one thing led to another, and, well, as you can guess, I didn't come back.


Now, though, I've returned.


I figured that, though I'm not exactly a "new member" anymore, it's been long enough that I should re-post here in the Introduction forum before spreading like the plague I've been compared to into the other forums. My original post is linked here, but in a painfully brief recap: I'm generally long-winded, in the United States Army, and am now back home, which is currently Hawaii, though I'm originally from Texas and have every intention of returning there once my service is complete, whenever that may be. If the link doesn't work, and for whatever reason you feel the need to punish yourself with a long post, you can search the Introduction forums for "hillfood" and it should be the only result that isn't this post.


I won't be as active as I'd like to be, most likely, but I do plan to be at least casually active here; maybe once a week, more if I can find the time.

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So I was piddlefarting around on here off and on throughout the day, and I found that there's so much that seems new here (on the site in general). I'm not even sure where to begin as far as posting in the few forum areas I'd joined up with before, haha. I know I'd joined the ACW Guild and the White Tower, but have I got to rejoin the Tower, or what? I'm rather convinced I hadn't done anything aside from the basic joining, if even that much, but I think it might be easier if I simply started over from scratch. I remember having sent some emails back and forth about joining it, but they've mysteriously gone missing from my gmail account. I save everything, so I highly doubt I deleted them, but with saving everything comes massive amounts of messages to sift through, especially if I put the wrong label on them or something. Anyway, I can see several boards within the WT area that I can't see if I'm not logged into my account, so I'm sure that means something I'm just unsure what.



Also, Ed, while I was perusing the site I found a picture of your new haircut (or lack thereof) and I've gotta say, you look like you can pull the look off better than I was able to in Afghanistan. I gave it a good couple of months, but every few days I'd see myself in the mirror and have a good chuckle. I have a funny-shaped head. Maybe one of these days I'll look for one of the pictures I took and show everyone the eyesore that is me minus hair.



On a separate note, I do believe it's time for me to get changed and head to the beach. That means I won't be needing that bunk for a few more hours, Elgee, but glad to know it's been reserved! Gotta take advantage of living in Hawaii while I'm here, right?

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Ed or Tyn would have to check, but I believe you're either an Initiate, or an Algai. Either way, you have all the access you should to the White Tower and Warders boards - I don't have military people removed.


So quite a difference between Afghanistan and Hawaii, heh? lol

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Oh, it's quite different. There's still a ton of sand, but it's a different texture, and here if I get sand somewhere unpleasant I can always jump into the ocean. Over there if I got sand somewhere unpleasant I just had to deal with it, possibly for a couple of days until I was able to take a shower (the outpost I was on went through a couple months where we only got to shower once every 3-4 days). There are some drawbacks to Hawaii, of course. For instance I can't drive anywhere further than fifty miles away from my home. Plus a couple months ago I went swimming with my brother, who is also stationed here in Hawaii, and he got stung on the shoulder by a jellyfish (just a small one, he was being a baby) and immediately after I made fun of him for that I went underwater and came up with a tiny crab in my ear. Took a few minutes to get out of there, and no harm was done (that I know of), but I've been afraid of going back underwater since then, slowly making my way back to that point. You never think something like that will bother you until it happens, haha. Anyway, I suppose I ought to get some work done. That's the problem with giving me the day to sit at home and complete online training - I always get distracted by other websites.



Ledinna, in answer to your questions, my favorite Forsaken is Aran'gar and my least favorite character overall is probably Rand, at this point. He wasn't one of my favorites to begin with, and, without giving away any real spoilers, I'll simply say that over the course of the series he's become less and less enjoyable, in my opinion. I know some people actually like him more at this point than they did in the beginning, but I just can't do it. A few of the female characters fall into that category as well. I just don't like the way they ended up growing throughout the series, though I'll admit that it's believable in most cases so I can't really argue against it. But I don't have to like it. As to why I pick Aran'gar, I just think that she's the perfect Forsaken, for reasons I won't list here as to not give anything away to those who haven't gotten to that part of the series. Lanfear is a very close second, however, because I think she's got the best reasons for doing what she does.

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