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Will the Creator speak again

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I kind of like the idea of the voice being the Dark One speaking to and about Rand. It would kind of be a foreshadowing of Veins of Gold in TGS, I guess, when Rand almost unmakes the Pattern. I presume that the Dragon/Chosen One/Champion of the Light has to voluntarily destroy the Pattern for the Dark One to really win, mostly from this RJ quote and Veins of Gold:


RJ: Yes, the Champion of the Light has gone over in the past. This is a game you have to win every time. Or rather, that you can only lose once--you can stay in if you get a draw. Think of a tournament with single elimination. If you lose once, that's it. In the past, when the Champion of the Light has gone over to the Shadow, the result has been a draw.


So in tEotW, Rand yells into the air at Ba'alzamon, who Rand thinks is the DO, and says, "This has to end!" The DO, knowing that only Rand has the ability to completely end the Pattern and give him total victory, is worried that Rand is about to assault Shayol Ghul or use too much of the Power or do something else crazy and get himself killed before he has a chance to get him to unravel the Pattern. Hence, the DO tries to stop Rand from doing that just yet.



"IT" being Tarmon Gai'don, I guess. Or just the "end." He's just trying to keep Rand alive by telling him the fight is not "HERE," in time or place. Translation: "WHOA! NOT NOW! PLEASE DON'T DO SOMETHING STUPID AND GET YOURSELF KILLED BEFORE I CAN CONVINCE YOU TO DO WHAT I NEED YOU TO DO. THAT WOULD RUIN EVERYTHING AND MAKE ME WAIT ANOTHER SEVERAL MILLENNIA FOR YOU TO COME AROUND AGAIN."



This would mean that only Rand, the "Chosen One," has the ability to unmake the Pattern and give the DO the final victory. From the DO's perspective, this is "WHAT MUST BE DONE." "IF HE WILL," of course. The Dragon has to do it of his own volition. I infer from RJ's quote that, though the Dragon has gone over to the Shadow on occasion, he's never been a true believer like Moridin and unmade the Pattern.


I think it's more likely to be an EotWism, but I do kind of like this idea.


Possible, but unlikely. At this point in the series, none of the cuendillar Focus Points have been found yet. There is no indication ( to the Light ) that any of the Seals themselves have failed until Aginor and Balthamel show up at the Eye. It is rather unlikely that enough had yet failed that the DO could manifest a VOICE at a place as far from Shayol Ghul as Tarwin's Gap.


Things are just beginning. The Dark is just starting to make itself known to the outside world. The DO does not yet possess sufficient strength to touch the outside world so directly. Or reach so far from the one place it can manifest at all.


Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The DO may not be limited to speaking at SG, it might a) Require a stupid amount of his power to do it, so he doesn't elect to, or b) the Dragon is a special soul, and was chugging Power-juice at the time. Possibly the DO cannot find threads to communicate with, unless at SG, until Rand starts screaming at him. Rand's soul being neon green in the black cotton of the Pattern, he may be relatively easy to talk to.


Also, we do see the DO act outside SG in the series prior to the seals breaking. Naming the DO brings misfortune. That's not reality, that's him.

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For those of you who are really enjoying this turn of conversation, it was also re-hashed here:



This is in the "Nakomi" thread, and THAT discussion was well reasoned out as well. In particular, if the Creator did speak those words, could the Creator also have other "discussions" with mortals? It's an interesting read...

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It is really good food for thought. After re-reading the series about 11+ times, I never actually caught this one part in TEOTW.


in questions regarding the DO, aren't the only times he speaks directly at Shayul Ghul(forgive spelling). Following this one train of the thought we could say it was not the DO. Then going further playing devils advocate we could say the only reason why people are being driven to the ground when spoken to, is due to the close proximity to the DO.


For the creator, maybe the creator is doing what he can at that exact moment, since he wants Rand to win, and knows that Rand is not ready.

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I think RJ described the caps in that scene as a slip of the Caps Lock button that somehow went unnoticed whe the book went to print. lol. Or something like that.


Also, a bit off subject, but when it come to the power, touching the source and channeling are two different things. In the earlier parts of book one, he was just touching the source not channeling it. It's channeling that involves the flame and the void and the sickness and such.

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