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  1. It is really good food for thought. After re-reading the series about 11+ times, I never actually caught this one part in TEOTW. in questions regarding the DO, aren't the only times he speaks directly at Shayul Ghul(forgive spelling). Following this one train of the thought we could say it was not the DO. Then going further playing devils advocate we could say the only reason why people are being driven to the ground when spoken to, is due to the close proximity to the DO. For the creator, maybe the creator is doing what he can at that exact moment, since he wants Rand to win, and knows that Rand is not ready.
  2. Quick question, I have been gone for the last few years and just rejoined the forums. How do we change the view count when viewing a thread. I.E if it has 20 threads per page can I up this so all the replies show on one page? Thanks!!!
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