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  1. Hello again, to anyone who remembers me-I was very active until the last Sanderson book, and things got a bit... tense. Not for/or with me, but with good online friends, and it stopped being fun. I realized there was nothing more I could personally add, so I kind of... wandered off. With the TV series coming, I thought I would brush the dust off-but I remembered my user name and password! Hello to anyone who was around back then... is the "Who killed Asmodean" thread still growing? ?
  2. What caused the taint? Now, I know the Dark One was responsible; but was the "Dark one's Backlash" caused by the Dark One actually lashing out, or was it caused by Saidin coming in contact with the Dark ONe/Dark One's Prison? The reason I ask this is simple: if, like I always thought, the Dark One did it consciously as a counter strike...why didn't the Dark One just put it back in place after Rand cleansed the Source?
  3. IIRC Rand is still unaware of Perrin's TAR abilities, or even of the details of his bond with the wolves. Actually, he's unaware of many facts: Elayne's pregnancy, Moiraine rescue mission, Mat's marriage, Morgase... He knows who Galad is to him whereas Galad cannot know that, so whose timing is worse? Maybe something with Aes Sedai-Asha'man official establishement of roles? Or division of areas of influence between the Seanchan and the rest? I was thinking it was the Seanchan/Randland peace treaty so they can fight side by side at the Last battle, maybe involving Rand bowing the the
  4. After commenting here and on Lucker's other thread, I've come to the conclusion that what I want from Dragonmount is a place to talk about the WoT. As such, I am putting this and anything close to this topic behind me; many of the people I disagree with here are people I otherwise really respect, so thats where I'd like to leave it. MoL is out in less than a month, and I'd really like to enjoy it with the people here; I just will not be able read anything in regards to the writing of said book, just the book itself. A fine line... let's hope everyone can do this, so that as old friend
  5. I was going to start a new thread for this, but then I saw Leigh's review, and it played right along with what I noticed. I swear I was questioning this before I even knew Leigh had posted her review, and her words only make me more sure of myself that this is significant. First, what Leigh said: Quote Wow, I totally forgot that ______ didn’t actually know that. And yes, dude, your timing sucks balls. Sheesh. Now, here is what I saw in ToM (page 609 of the Hardcover) and wanted to ask the primal minds of Dragonmount if they thought this was important: Quote (my bolded emphasis
  6. I think there was a reason that, when Jordan announced his illness and was asked if someone else might finish the series, he said in essence, "I'll burn my notes first." He knew his beloved characters would be changed forever if he could not finish it...and they were. I've been here a long time; I have pages of posts in the "Who killed Asmodaen" files, which seemed to be the proving grounds here once upon an arguement. I have been here long enough to disappear, and when I came back 5 years ago, I had lost the original email account I used to sign up with, and that meant my old name here
  7. I HAVE read the entire thread, and what bothered me so much was the quote I used was towards the end. I assume the auther has ALSO read the entire thread, and as such has seen that the majority of the community agrees that Jordan would have done the ending a LOT better, and BS made some errors and didn't do certain scenes justice. We ALL got that! My original post did not argue these points; instead, I was trying to point out that when a person uses those facts to draw opinions about BS and the Jordan team, THAT'S when you get into arguements and disagreement. Hell, sometimes it is fu
  8. Really? you know for a fact he could have done better, he just decided to mail it in so he could get back to his own stuff? Aside from the obvious question of how do you know, since Dune is the only book I can think of where a series with this type of depth was finished by someone besides the original author, so we really have no way to judge what is a "good" job and what is a "bad" job. Does everyone who is critical of BS's work here agree with Fisher? If so, there is no sense in talking about this anymore, because if you think BS intentionally did a bad job, it leaves nothing left
  9. Really? Are we going to discuss this, or just come up with the most ludicris couples? Usually, the jokes start after the discussion is exhausted, not before. I don't mean to be a party pooper, but I seriously can't believe this thread has stalled so quickly.
  10. Sticking with the quotes is a lot more fun than reading things that belong in the "Thisguy" post...hehe. DON'T GET MAD, it was a jest. The only problem I have with Avi to Rand is, would Avi call sex "bedding" someone? I don't think the Aiel used beds in their history in the Three-Fold Land, so how would they have that particular idiom? It certainly sounds like someone used to giving orders, so I'm leaning towards Tuon to Mat. Maybe a distraction when Mat is trying to get Tuon to call off her attacks on the other good guys? She likes to shock him, and being that blunt would leave hi
  11. Dont make excuses for him IMO. He was given plenty of time. So much time that he was writing his own books during the same time period. It sucks, but the reality is that BS butchered the last few books (we have yet to see the last one, but given what we already have seen I would be shocked if things changed much). This wasn't his editors fault, it was HIS fault. He wrote the books and therefor he was responsible. The guy just doesn't have the attention to detail and drive for perfection that was needed. THIS is the stuff that gets people like me in a huff. He did NOT butcher the books.
  12. Shrug. Not sure why we would trust her, she is a lier and Rand is clear multiple times that she loved power more than him and RJ backs it up with his quotes. Pretty cut and dry... Lanfear counted on the fact that Rand had none of LTT's memories, due to what she did during the war. Now that he has ALL of those memories, she has ZERO chance of swaying him...except for lust. The epilogue leaves us with 2 questions, IMO: 1) Is Rand suseptible to Lanfear's "charms of the flesh"; and 2) Does Lanfear still have a way into Rand's dreams?
  13. Personally, I grow weary of people who have darn good theories, but cannot abide anyone asking logical questions that undermine them, or having a competing theory that sounds just as good. There are a few long time members that get very, VERY nasty if you disagree with them. Afterall, this is a place for discussion threads, and if a theory isn't weird, out of the blue, or has already been disproven (aka Taim v. Demandred), they should make their points for or against and move on, not dally and get ugly because their pet theory says something different. It seems like every long thread has
  14. Suttree, I've gone back and re-read all the relevent chapters, and I have to agree with Hopetree in that there was a minimum of 900,000 trollocs present (the term "several" isn't used to replace "a couple", so the original force is 300+ thousand). I do not argue that Sanderson said the numbers at the manor house of dead trollocs were comparable to Maradon, but all that does is make me question his ability to keep these things straight. At best, his descriptions at Maradon inflated the numbers of trollocs beyond what they should have been, creating a buttload of confusion, ~Or~ Ran
  15. I used to be Drewlovs on this site, but I stopped posting for a bit, then when I came back, I locked myself out. So I created dreggs Morlock, 5 years ago. JEEZ...has it been 5 years?!

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