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If you could form your own WOT faction....

Dagon Thyne

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What would it be?


I know several people who have thought up factions that they would form. I would like to know if any of you have one.


I do have in in fact, I created it in a campaign of the WOT d20 game.


I would like to point out that I created this faction before Dragon Age Origins came out, so I did not rip it off from that game.


My faction was called the Grey Wardens. (Like I said this was before DAO came out.)


They are warrior society that was formed in during the Trolloc Wars. It was formed by 6 Blademasters who wanted to pass on their knowledge and experience to others.


Here is the layout of their group....

The Grey Wardens are split into 5 sperate, but equal, orders.

The Order of the Sword; The military of the Grey Wardens.


The Order of the Shield; This order defends and protects Grey Warden strongholds.


The Order of the Quill; This is the order of scholars. Like the Brown Ajah, they study history, philosphy, and other academic topics. They also act as scribes for the Grey Wardens, recording recruitment, training, death, financial, and other records. Four members of this order are chosen to act as the scribes for the other orders. They report to the High Master of the Order of the Quill.


The Order of the Anvil; This order is made up of weaponsmiths and armorsmiths. The Grey Wardens believe that to make a perfect weapon or set of armor, a smith must know how to use it. As such, members of this order receive as much training as members of the Sword and Shield. The weapons and armor of the Grey Wardens is said to be among the best in the world.


The Order of the Hand; This order is an order of servants. Members of the Grey Wardens who are not fit to be soldiers, scribes, or smiths are placed in this order. They clean, cook, carry messages, tend to the stables, and other menial work that needs to be done. 1 member of this order is chosen to act as the personal servant and squire to the Grand Master.


The highest ranking members of each order is the High Master. These 5 individuals sit on the High Council, which votes on all issues that effect the Grey Wardens as a whole.


The High Council is overseen by the Grand Master, the political leader of the Grey Wardens. Like the Amylin Seat, the Grand Master has almost absolute power, but can be overruled or overthrown by the High Council if he abuses his authority.




The lowest ranking member of the Grey Wardens are the Recruits. Recruits are new members who have not been placed in one of the orders. Recruits are trained in swordsmanship, archery, horse-riding, basic blacksmithing, and educated in history, philosophy and other subjects. After, their basic training is completed, each Recruit is assigned into one of the orders, based on which area he did best in during his training, and are given the rank of Youngling. Each Youngling continues their training in the specific areas needs of their order. Younglings of the Order of the Sword, for example, receive training in military strategy, mounted combat, ect. Younglings do actively participate in the operation of their order, but under the strict eye of their superiors.


When they are good enough, a Youngling is placed into Apprentice canatdateship and be chosen by a senior Grey Warden to train directly under them. A Grey Warden Apprentice is allowed alot more freedom than Younglings and can even be given important jobs if their master and the High Council believe them to be ready.


When their apprenticeship is over, an Apprentice is given the rank of Grey Warden and is considered a full member of their Order and the Grey Warden as a whole. The Grand Master, High Master, and Masters (The Masters are the High Masters' senior officers within a certain order) must all be Blademasters. Any Grey Warden may challenge a Grey Warden Master to a duel, never to the death, and win the rank of Master if he succeeds in besting him.

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I'd probably do an anti black ajah. A secret ajah with members from the rest designed to study men who could channel, fighting against the shadow by trying to hunt down darkfirends and black ajah members, spread pro dragon reborn propaganda and otherwise prepare for the dragon reborn. They'd forsware all political aspirations, use the oath rod to find darkfriends and swear on the rod to the service of the dragon reborn and reswear that oath every year and if they leave the tower for any length of time reswear immediately on their return.

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Id whack the Aes Sedai, Ashaman, Warders and Whitecloaks all into one group dedicated to discovering Ta'veren and helping them restore balance to the Pattern.


Their name?




I mean Mythbusters!


Ok I dont know what theyd be called. Probably something to do with the Pattern and Ta'veren and whatnot.




The Order of the Tamarallelogram Thingy That A Ta'veren Does To Other Threads.

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I forgot to mention something. The Grey Wardens' Emblem is a heron holding a laurel in it's right claw. Each order presents it in a different way. The order of the Sword has it with two longsword crossed behind it. The order of the shield has it on a shield. The order of the anvil has it on a large, black anvil with a blacksmith's hammer angled behind it. The order of the hand has it on the white hand, looking like a tattoo. The order of the quill has it holding a quill in it's other claw

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