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Stabbings Under the Mistletoe


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Step right up! Don't be shy.

If you miss too bad then you'll surely die.

A new game is here who's outcome we don't know

Come and test out your stabbing skills under the mistletoe


Don't be silent or restless because this could be really cool

Wickedly awesome fun that could only happen in Shayol Ghul

Stab left or stab right but don't be too cliche

Be the most creative and have a blessedly evil holiday.


So, who wants to be first? And remember, flirting will get you everywhere. :biggrin:



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You know, Mistletoe, an "aphrodisiac" plant, was considered by the Norse to be the downfall of the Sun God Baldur.


He was supposed to be EPICALLY invincible, and super-attractive. All the girls loved him.

His one weakness?


He was doomed to be killed by mistletoe.


That means he could never get a kiss under the mistletoe.


Because a Stab from Mistletoe would Kill the Sungod.


That's okay.


*Stabs everyone*

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