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Egwene Orders the tower to be turned into Cuendiar?

Phallic Taveren


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  1. 1. Do you think Egwene will turn the Tower into Cuendiar?

    • Have you been smoking crack?
    • Seems a little outlandish. I don't think so
    • Interesting theory - perhaps
    • I can't believe I haven't thought of this - YES!

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I was listening to The Gathering Storm on Audiobook while falling asleep last night and I started wondering about what Egwene could do to fortify the tower against further Seanchan raids/invasions and the Dark Ones forces.


I suddenly got the idea ... if they could turn that whole chain into cuendiar why not the whole tower?



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Even if it could be done, I don't see the point.


Egwene knows that the Seanchan likely have traveling now. Making the walls unbreakable seems like a lot of effort for very little benefit.


Given that we have the last book coming, and that the last battle is basically about to start I can't help but think the Seanchan and White Tower will not go at it too hard. Perhaps 1 raid before they put their differences aside, but they'll both be needed at the last battle.

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