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  1. Does anyone have any notion of when Davram Bashere was compulsed? I read that he could have been a DF but Rand would have seen that so I dismissed the idea. He was one of my favorite characters. Many of the "Great Generals" were. :(
  2. I was listening to The Gathering Storm on Audiobook while falling asleep last night and I started wondering about what Egwene could do to fortify the tower against further Seanchan raids/invasions and the Dark Ones forces. I suddenly got the idea ... if they could turn that whole chain into cuendiar why not the whole tower? Thoughts?
  3. Hi there - I'm trying to remember/find a chapter in KOD(?). Matt attacks a Seanchan army with primarily crossbows. In the chapter Prince of Ravens it's remarked by a high ranking Seanchan "That's all you ever had" (Crossbow men) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  4. Greetings, Does anybody know a site or a pdf perhaps that breaks down each book chapter by chapter by POV name that is listed ALL on one page? IE: Chapter 1: Rand, Tam .... Chapter 2: Rand, Perin, Matt As opposed to having each chapter hyperlinked and having to navigate to each page to see who is in the chapter. I'm listening to the audiobooks (again) and want to follow certain threads without having to do much work so I figured the easiest way to do this would be to ask if anyone knew a page / doc such as this? Thanks,
  5. Hey, everyone. I was wondering if there was a site that has WOT Chapters w/ who is written in each Chapter? I've noticed a couple sites that hyperlink each chapter so you have to click on each one. I have the audiobook so am looking for a quick reference so I can skip ahead (IE: listen to all of Bashere's POVs and some of Rand's when together etc). Thanks!
  6. The whole debacle with Cadsuane, Tam and then Rand's apiphany on Dragonmount led me to believe that like Lews Therin, Rand is going to draw those that are close to him to him. I don't know if they'll be staying in a Palace, like Lews Therin right before he went mad or not however. I think he's going to ask Tam to stay with him until the end because he needs the support. Anyone else think this is likely?
  7. That was my impression from the beginning. Some in the rebel camp got a "feeling" that something was going down and left before they were caught. Many of those warned the black sisters in the tower in advance, that's why so many more escaped from there. Those that were caught in the WT were the ones that none of the other BA knew they were BA so were not told. Ahh - I'm dense. All that would have had to happen was a black sister or other darkfriend noticing certain sisters not coming out of the main tent when the meeting was over which happened multiple times. I only wonder because Egwene seemed perplexed that once she was in the Tower she was surprised that so many got away. Why would she be be surprised if it could have been as simple as an observer to the tent or what not?
  8. That's true, however, maybe it is unlikely as the way Egwene summoned them in the tent by ajah and kept them in the side-tent.
  9. I was just listening to The Gathering Storm and it made me wonder how the Black Sisters knew of Egwenes Purge. Could it be as simple as Black Sisters having bonded people that were within the opposing forces? IE: If 10 or more sisters died in the camp than 10 bonded people within the tower could inform black sisters/forsaken? Just an idea. I'm trying to puzzle it out.
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