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Madames, monsieurs, mademoiselles


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Hey guys! I feel bad for polluting this with another thread, so sorry if I'm stepping on toes!


I'm an American living in Europe, it started out as an exchange program, but they treat students so well here I decided to stay :).


I found out about the WoT series almost a decade ago through an MSN chat group (The Sedai Treehouse) and didn't really give it much thought at the time, just had fun getting to know folks when chatrooms were still a new thing. I was a young nerd and it was nice to have a refuge back then :P. I didn't even start reading the series until July of this year, fell in love with it and blew through the first 10 books in like 4 months. classes started so my fanaticism slowed down a bit, but I'm now 850ish pages through The Gathering Storm.


Got kind of nostalgic for back in the day, and tried finding some remnant of that group (if anybody's here send me a PM!! This is Elsworth!) and stumbled across this site.


So here I am,

I look forward to getting to know you all as time goes on.



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Whooooo! Welcome to DM mate! Im Mat, or Matty as Im also quite new. Join the BT if ur a spammer, but be careful, I got mad when I did... Bad taint, bad!


WoT...Best series in the galaxy!


YES! Managed to be the first to reply to a thread!


See ya


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Thanks guys!


Mat: I'll have to check out the BT in depth, I'm definitely down with a lot of the spammy threads I've seen floating around there :P.


Ledinna: Yeah I'm in France, in a little neighborhood just outside of Paris :). Aaand.. I think Eamon Valda would have to be my least-favorite character, dude's just unlikeable in any situation. Who's your least favorite?

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Fain is definitely a creeper, but it's not like he asked to be like that at first :P. He just kind of took it overboard- like that time at the picnic. Everybody was just like, "whoa man, we're trying to get our hors d'oeuvres on and you're hopping around like some kind of jester. Chill out and hide in that ominous fog until we say it's cool to come out." And what happened after that? Dance party. Unbelievable.


And yeah, Luca is obnoxious as heck. Walkin' around, swooshing that cape of his. Stealing candy from babies. Crawling under trailers for a penny. It just isn't right.

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do you remember any of the people you used too talk too, someone here may know who they are so they can direct them here, i am sure they would love too get in contact with you again


kathana is around she migth i dont know been in a chat, i know she been with the site since the start, so she may be one of the ones you know

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Hi AH,

Haha yeah I teach English over here and most of my students left the city for summer break, leaving me with a bunch of free time. So when I wasn't at a pub, I was usually reading.

As for favorite characters; I actually like most of the main characters that have stuck through to this point. If I had to narrow it down to like a top five or something it would probably be; Perrin, Mat, Thom, Birgitte and Aviendha. It's really not a fair list though because at this point I've spent so much time with each character that I like most of them for their redeeming qualities/flaws- ya dig?

Favorite parts would have to be the battles- not just the physical, but battles of wit as well (so like the whole series I guess?) Right when everything is at its climax is usually when I have the hardest time putting the book down.


And thanks for the ideas Liitha :). It would be a trip to talk to some of those people again.

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