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Nynaeve sat on a bench, flipping through the pages of a book. It was a ridiculous romance book about a Domani falling helplessly in love with a Taraboner gruff that her parents disapproved of. It wasn't the kind of book Nynaeve would normally read, but then again she was not really reading at all. Her eyes were fixed on the pages but nothing seemed to register through, as her fingers flipped pages numbly. Finally, she allowed herself to look up from the book. Just for a moment.


Up ahead, right in front of her, a couple of children played with wooden swords, no doubt hijacked from the Warders' Yard. They were all servents' children, being let out to play and blow some steam before supper. Their laughter carried away like water in a stream and Nynaeve had to put effort into maintaining a smooth expression. Most Aes Sedai would frown at noise and interruption, yet all she wanted to do was smile.


She was simply an Aes Sedai being interrupted by the rattle of children. Surely not a mother observing her son. Surely not. Aes Sedai seldom wed. And seldom had children. But sometimes circumstances unfolded in ways you did not expect. Not a mistake, though. Never a mistake. Donovan was not an error of the pattern. Nynaeve believed that with every fiber of her being. He was meant to exist, grow, fall in love and have a family of his own. Be free of any pain she could spare him.


She closed the book with a thump and placed it next to her. She could remain for a bit longer. Be mistaken for simply enjoying the day out in the gardens. But why risk attracting any notice? Soon she would see him again. Quench the thirst that seemed to take over her more often that she liked it to. Damian tried to help. Light, but he did. His tender words and his loving embrace kept her from losing herself to despair. She had to stay focused and dull her emotions. "We made our choice years ago, my love." His words echoed in her head. "Now we have to persevere."


She got up and darted away, her face stonier than ever. If Donovan was in the gardens it meant Silvia, his care taker, was undisturbed. It was a good opportunity to pass her some more coin. The woman tried to refuse it at the beginning of their agreement but Nynaeve made it clear that she will not let her boy go wanting.





Yellow Sedai

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Seheria watched as the last few Accepteds finished the task she had asked of them and then sent them on their way. She was teaching a class. She had taught a lot classes lately. She liked getting to know the future of the Tower and help them better themselves. These ones were doing well in her class. Especially Elisha. She could easily be a yellow someday. Seheria tried not show favouritism in the Accepteds, but she did push Elisha just a little more than the others.


With the class over, Seheria made her way through the halls and outside. She hated being cooped up in the Tower. As much as she liked having a hand in teaching the new generation of aes sedai she hated feeling like everyone around her was scrutinizing her. She'd felt like that from the time she put on a novice dress and thought if she worked hard enough to prove her self that when she became aes sedai her self it would end. That was not the case. She spent most of her time out of the tower on mission after mission when she could, but each Yellow had a duty to the infirmaries and she needed the aes sedai in the tower to see her presence so she tried to keep a balance of time in the Tower and time away. Still it was getting close to needing time away. Surely there was something going on in the world that could use the help of a Yellow. But for now, a walk in the tower yards would have to do.


Seherai closed her eyes and breathed in the fresh air. She was enjoying the quiet walk when she heard the laughter and crashing of wood on wood. She was preparing confront some slacking Novices when she looked up and saw a small group of servant's boys. And then she saw Nynaeve. She had expected the woman to return her eyes to her book or to leave when she was disrupted, but the woman seemed to watch them instead.


Nothing odd about that really, she thought, perhaps the book was boring. Perhaps she is watching to see if the boys are going play too rough and need her help. There are dozens of reasons why she would stare like that, goodness Seheria, get you're head on straight! Just because people don't act the way you would doesn't mean they are hiding anything.


Still she couldn't bring her self to leave just yet. Her instincts were usually right, and something told her there was more going on than a woman interrupted by a book. There was a time when Seheria didn't pay attention to anyone unless she needed to, and then she only paid attention to what she thought would affect her. In the last little while she had changed that way of thinking. Everyone had secrets, some more useful than others, but knowing as much as she could about everyone she could would help her. As innocent as a woman watching children play was, something seemed off the more she watched.


When she had first looked up Nyneave hadn't looked annoyed that her reading was interupted, she seemed to watch with interest, but she never let it show. Of course aes sedai were known not to let their emotions show but while she seemed to watch with intrest she seemed distant in thought.


Perhaps she regrets not having a family of her own? Not being able to watch her own children grow? Not much of a secret, I bet deep down there are a large number of us who feel that way.


Still Seheria couldn't let up on her feeling. Then the woman rose and all but stormed off. Now that is interesting. She didn't seem annoyed that they interrupted her reading, she seemed to watched them intently and then just ran off? She hadn't let any emotion out until that last moment and that was not the emotion Seheria had expected from the loving way she seemed to watch them. It didn't make sense. Then it hit her. It was the look in her eye as she looked out at those boys. It like wonder. It wasn't like these boys didn't do this often. They were the servants children, they spent a lot of their time out here, yet she watched them like it was the first time she saw it, or perhaps the last. She had looked at all of them but Seheria did notice she spent more time on one of them. Perhaps she had had a brother his age when she came here? Some sort of personal connection. But why run off like that?


Seheria was intreged. Perhaps, like so many other things she'd followed up on, this would lead her nowhere. But Seheria had nothing else to do, and perhaps this would be bigger than she thought it would. Her gut said there was something here, and she would find out if there was. Seheria set out after the other woman. She was already getting her story straight if she was confronted for following her. It would be simple enough, they were both yellow and Nynaeve was to be on duty in the infirmary in the next few days, Seheria could ask her to take Elisha with her to help. Being able to really see the difference the yellows make in those sick people's lives could be the extra push to make sure she joins them.


Seheria Mori

Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

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