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Welcome Recruit Andrej!!!


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Dice rides up on Bunyan, pennon snapping in the wind on the end of his ashen'darei. Pulls to a stop in front of the new Recruit Andrej


Welcome to the Band Recruit!!! We are a warm and friendly bunch who like drinking pranking and Brawling!! some more then others...


While you are waiting for access to the rest of the boards feel free to post around these boards and feel free to ask questions. Watch out for those pesky redarms tho...they love to spoil a good time by enforcing utterly ridiculous rules!!!


To get you settled proper have this! Hands andrej a bandy (the bands own brew) and tell us a bit about yourself!!



(oh and dont think i havent noticed you stalking me either.... :biggrin: )

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Snaps to attention as the rider approaches, standing rigid with his hands curled and pressed to the sides of his legs. As the rider pulls short, he keeps his eyes straight ahead, never wavering until the small bottle is produced. Grinning, he uncorks the vial and takes a deep drink before giving a grunt.


That's strong stuff! I think I'll fit in just fine here.



Let's see, a little about me. I'm actually an active duty military member for the States, so I sort of gravitated towards the Band naturally. I'm excited to make some new friends and to wreck some havoc on DM! I'm pretty new to DM but I've been a long-time fan of TWoT.



As the flaming shots are lined up, he quickly tosses them back, blowing out the flames before gulping down each


At this rate I'll be face-down in the dirt and swearing like a bloody goat-kisser in no time!

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dice hears the bit about the military and groans" not another infant!!!"


Ok andrej heres the lowdown..eventually after uve down your time as an RR...u kjnow been hazed tortured put to work and such...you get to choose a regiment to be a part of. Now OBVIOUSLY the Cavalry is the best!!! Dice and Bunyan preen proudly and if ure really lucky u might even get to be a sarm ... but i digress..theres also the infantry and the archers but u gotta watch out for those 2.... my advice would be to join the cav! ummm i mean maybe join one different to what u always do... that would be the cav :tongue: ..




Nah seriously muck around get to know us and pick ther one that suits u best...so that once again is the CAV!!!




ducks in case DL is about to flatten him

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