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Thanks for the welcome.


Not sure I have a single character I dislike the most. It is usually dictated by the story. I have to say that it is usually the POV's that include Elayne that annoyed me most at first.


Favorite forsaken? I guess Sammael. He seems to be the most human as far as why he went to the dark side. Just plain old envy gets the best of many people.

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I just finished ToM a few weeks back so I am eagerly awaiting AMoL. I had intentionally delayed reading ToM thinking AMoL would be out in the spring. It wasn't until I came across this site that I found it it won't be out until next fall.


My favorite characters are Perrin and probably Thom, but as you can probably tell by my screen name I really enjoy the random side characters. It adds depth and makes the whole series great (and occasionally confusing).


I really enjoy anything that involves Mat commanding during a battle, the Aiel doing something crazy like running 10 miles and then launching into a fight, or the occasional POV of the Forsaken.

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