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Hello everbody, very glad to be here :-)


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hello everybody, so I finally made it to dragonmount.


If been following this page for quite some time now, have an account since August, but only now, that I have an unrgent essay deadline due in a few hours do I find the currage and peace of mind to post here - oh the human brain is a wonderess thing!


WoT is my favourite series ever since I started it in 2005, by now I read the entire series 3 times and listened to all of it on audiobook 2 times.


The WoT audiobooks are the coolest thing in the world, they are so vivid and livelike and Michael Cramer and Kate Reading are amazing. I just love the accents of the differnt lands, hear Thom peform and I know how to pronounce all of them names, too. :-D

+ you can take WoT with you cleaning or shopping or mountain biking, the latter is just the perfect way to enjoy adrenaline generating passages.


I Like the diversity and mere vastness of the forum, but I have to admit that I get lost in it and don't usually find what I was looking for.



* The "short question short answer" section is like 100 pages and I feel incapable of reading them all before addressing my question - how do I handle this?


* Being the nerd that I am, I feel that Sanderson has changed the "tone" of world view and speech in some characters, AND, being a none native English speaker I noted a change in vocabulary used since Sanderson took over. - the word "tan" anyone? -

Where do you guys discuss this?


* Elayne is my favourite character, and I have some defending of her to do, since you guys don't seem to really get her :-D -

Where do I go for this?


It would be great if you could help me with this or point me to where I should go looking for help THANK YOU!


All the best Marlis

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Hallo, mein Freund! Willkommen bei Fragonmount! Ich bin neu hier. Ich weiß nicht, die Antwort auf Ihre Frage, aber ich wollte freundlich sein und heißen Sie willkommen!


Ich möchte mich herzlich für Ihre freundlichen Grüße bedanken!

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen wunderschönen abend und viel spaß auf Dragonmount :-D

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Welcome to dm!!!!


I really need to brush up on my German. Haven't needed to speak it for a few years.


Ok, all of what you're looking for, for discussion the books, is here. Go run free. All sorts of book discussions are there.


If you wish to join a social group, look me up and I'll lead you to the right place.


Ok instrustions on how to change your avatar


Please note that your avatar can only be 100 pixels X 100 pixels--so have this picture ready.


To change your avatar, click on your name somewhere, which will lead to your homepage. There will be a horizontal brown bar around... the middlish of the page that will say "Marlis's Profile."

Right above this bar on the right side there is a button that says "Edit my profile" --click it

On the left hand side you will now see several little horizontal bars. The 4th white one (5th bar if you include the top brown one) says "Change Avatar"--click it.

And from there just upload the picture and stuffs :)


Which parts are your favorites?

I don't hate Elayne but I don't love her either.


If you need any more help just ask :D

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Thank you for the warm welcome! I think you are all doing an amazing job managing and supervisin the forums :-)


My favourite parts?

I like when Egwene comes to the Ail for the first time, actually about anything with Egwene, she is the shining hero of the series in my eyes.

The battle in the white tower, with Egwene winning and becoming Amyrlin for real is very cool.


I also like Elayne and Nyneave on the road.

What I like about Elyne is that she is real. She is very brave and smart and pretty, but yet she has real politics and real obsticles to deal with. It is these day to day life as a doughter hair, as a queen, that make the world of the wheel of time so believable and relateble. And if you compare her with any actually existing king, she is doing an amazing job.


Well, the Sanderson books are kind of cool, because he is tying the loose ends and that is just very satisfactory, after all this waiting.

And I am so relieved when "Rand turns Jesus"! he really did deserve this.


so many things....

I love the borderland nation for their honor and the seafolk for teir reclessness. A whole people whose superpower is bargaining. very cool.


ok, I think I will stop here. looking forwards to talk to you all.

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hello and thank you again :-)


please excuse my horrible spelling in the above posts, I usually am capable of expressing myself in written English, but I wrote in a hurry and so - sorry again.


my favourite forsaken would be Lanfear. She is very crazy, sexy, cool (get the TLC reference :-D?) you seldom see such a well rounded female villain. and she has style.

the too human like fade - Shadar Haran? - creeps me out, very scary guy.

and the female forsaken specializing on torture - Semiraghe? really scary villain also.


my least favourite character... mh. queen tenobia is very enoying. I would prefere a ass kicking northern queen to a bitching girl.

padan fain. brrr. kill him off allready. he is kind of like gollum creepy and disturbing and pity claiming. please kill him.


so now I'll try and go find a place to bother people with my opinions :-D



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