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  1. I really laught of loud (spelling? hmm) whne I read this. Brilliant. But also true, I feel exatcly the same way. ans I really like your list and your reasoning, though my ranking would be slightly diffrent...
  2. thank you! this one makes total sense. Iguess i missed it for having to rely on the audio book. :-)
  3. hello everybody, so here are the logical errors that trouble me. I have not completed the book yet, I only have access to the audio book in my country so far, thus rereading is a bit difficult for me right now. i tried to find out about the logical problems in other threads, but i kept stumbling over spoilers, so that was no help for me. my problems are the following: 1. Pevara lying: When captuerd in the black tower, Pevara and Andrell tried to trick the turned weak kid into spilling shadow secrets. During this process Pevara lied outright. She said something like: "No, he ca't hear us" to trick the kid into believing them. This has been mentioned earlier in this thread also, I saw. what is up with that? 2.Gateways and the dream spike. When Perrins camps was locked in by a dream spike, gateways worked within the boarders of the dome, but not going outside or inside. Perrin used this to escape the whitecloaks. Now gateways don't work inside a dreamspike dome at all? WHY? 3. Masking the ability to chanell When Mogidien was captured by Nyneave and Elayne she taught them that it is possible to mak ones ability ot chanel with an inverted weave. Using this, they were able to keep one of the forsaken hidden in a camp full of Aes Sedai for month. Later they were able to disguise themselves and leave the Tarasin Palace undetected. Why can Egwene not use this while in the middle of the Sharan Army? Or Leana for that matter? WHY? I would really appreciate some answers for this, if you have them! Thank you!
  4. I have to say I feel so sorry for Isam the poor thing, when we learn about his horrible past in the prologue. The poor thing didn't even have a chance, growing up like this. I know that he grew up to be a bastard and he will proberbly die and deserves to, but still... since I heard his storry this morning I can't forget about it and imagine this poor child all alone in the town being brainwashed with constant terror. This is the worst thing in the whole series so far, maybe besides the making of thakandar blades by klilling people and the whole concept of domane. Do you think there might be a chance for him to find some kind of salvation at least? Or a meeting between him and Lan? Lan killing him in honor or any such thing... Well, I guess not.
  5. I agree with you, I think the basic colour should be neutral, I always pitured an off white, like te white tower, but it doesn't really say anywhere. "The Aes Sedai Shawl is embroidered with vines, leaves or flowers: every shawl is different. In the center of the back is a large teardrop, the flame of Tar Valon. Each shawl has a long fringe in the colour of the wearers Ajah." This is from the Glossary of new Spring the Graphic Novel. So as pretty as the fan made shawls are, the embroidery is missing in all of them.
  6. Thank you for this post! this really hit my original point. I am gratefull for all the "plot gartification" we are gatting now, and I totally get that no one can ore would copy s.o.s original writing style but there are differences and being geeky and pasionate <i like to point them out. I also notices trousers vs, breeches. But didn't Lans description change, though I couldn't tell when: In the beginning he was always looking like "he was being carved from stone" the planes and angles happen later, and I remember noticeing them to happen. But was this a Sanderson change or before? I coudn't recall. What I really do love about Jordan is his originality and being right on to the point with descriptions, like this on: (Mat having dance down the staff of an in in "Lord of Chaos": On of the older serving maids was rubing her food, leaning against a wall, but the rest was looking at him, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Just love it!
  7. In my opinion, they just want Rand to regard the Aiel as an end in themselves, not just a means to an end, to quote Kant, and via Avienda they want to confront him with a real person representing the Aiel, one who he can not treat as a piece on a stones borad. They want her to get under his skin. Maybe they chose her because of a dream, or because she is about his age and pretty, I don't know.
  8. and is there a more convinient way to post or am I just not getting how this works?


  9. and Mat and Perrin (minus the wolf dream) the most.

    Which do you like best?

    How is the wether in California?

  10. Nice to meet you, too :-D

    I'm affraid I'm on my 4th reread, or rather I relisten to the genius audiobook for the 3rd time.

    This is the coolest thing, for it enables me to do chores, work out or cross distances while consuming WoT.

    Currently I am on LoC, and I find staying with Rand through his paranoia a chore in itsself. I hate him counting dead women.

    I prefer al ...

  11. hey!

    actually very cold, minus 10°C. the river in my town froze over this week.

    but the fifth season, carneval is starting, and archaic festivals make you feel warmer...

    nice to meet you!

  12. Please understand me, I am not complaining I do understand why, I am just pointing out. How does Cadsuane change? Maybe I don't relate to her enough to notice. Do you agree with my depiction of the changes? I feel that in the case of Elayne it matters, because the narators attitude towards the character changes. Can you see what I mean? ...and sorry, I am too tiered to sketch out Avienda and the Aiel tonight. Tomorrow evening.
  13. Mat is being stopped in the Tarasin Palace by both Tower Aes Sedai and Rebel Aes Sadai and both parties start pulling on his sleve. Mat patiently waits while he observes how they will out Aes Sedai each other. This expression still makes me chortle everytime...
  14. Fist of all, I am sorry if this is too bold for s.o. as new as me or the wrong placew, but I seem to not find my way around this forum so, since I feel a strong desire to discuss things I needed to start somewhere. And I didn't find this topic somewhere else. In my opinion, Sandersson did a great job, the naration is continoued beautifully, and I am very happy with that. However there are small changes, as is to be expected and I am not complaining. But being the nerd that I am, I can not help noticing and wanted to start a collection of such details. 1. Tan Sanderson really likes the word tan, the landscape and the Aiel are very tan since he started writing WoT. As you can guess from my writing, I am no native English speaker and after the word kept surfacing I needed to look it up. Jordan could fill hundreds of pages with Aiel stuff without using the word tan once as a colour. 2. Talmanes I've read this here before, but Talmanes maner changed a little to more ironic and witty. This could also be a sublte character development, and I like it. Also Mat needed a friend. 3. Mat and the ladys In Sandersons eyes mat is kind of a wannabe playboy. he is overconfidet to the point of cockyness. Old Mat would have called him a puffed up bafoon. Old Mat did charm women, didn't want to be tied down and played down the fact that he had a multitued of harmless but physical flirts (like in the Stone of Tear). New mat thinks he is goods gift to women, but isn't really. I do not think this is character development - due to the Tylin and Tuon and being married experience - I think Sanderson has a slightly diffrent take on Mat as a charecter. 4. Elaynes attitude I think there is a similiar thing going on with Elayne. Sandersons Elayne is more irrational and whiny and unrelatable than old Elayne was. And this is not just the pregnancy, but the whole perspective on life. Old Elayne was of course also demanding, but curious and conflict easing and nice to everybody. She was genuinly brave and selfless, if comanding, whith a cause, as she had to be in accordance with what she was raised to be. Now she often appears spoiled and over the top. I do not deny that she is a tricky character, walking the edge and many of you don't like her, but she was my favourite character and I think Jordan painted her complex and believable but fondly, that is, he liked her. I think Sanderson doesn't like her, and I think he doesn't really get her and her motives. 5. Sandersons Aiel, despite being tan, tend to be "nobel savages", strange people you don't really get, who mean nice but are a bit off. I feel that Sanderson Avienda narrative has an edge in this direction. But since this is very long allready, I would ellaborate on this if anybody is in fact interrested for this will be the most difficult one to sketch. I'm affraid I lost you whith Elayne allready... So what do you think? Do you agree with me and / or did you find other slight changes in the narration? marlis PS: concerning Aan'allein; allein is German for alone, einer allein means one alone. aonr allein is Bavarian dialect for one alone; so this old tounge name sounds amusingly literate fo a German speaker. :-D
  15. <<The number of characters has reached a point where if they did a role-call like it was 3rd grade that's all there would be room for in any book.>> (sorry, don't know how to properly quote) That is so true. I was just rereading the shadow rising, and with the introduction of nicola and the girls i felt myself screaming inwardly again: please don't, mention her name and add a description, there's far to many of them allready. same thing with ituralde (spelling?), awesome as he his. do you guys remember the never endeing storry (michael ende); at the end of a plotline the narrator always went: "and she went of to x and would later found y and save z, but that is another storry, to be told at another time..." and some other times these storrys would be told at another time ant sometimes the wouldn't, but you could let go of a character sub-plot without guiltyly having to remember theme all and try to keep up in the back of your mind for it might be important and you have to double check every egwene dream for all the open plotlines and that can be such a chore at times. ahh, to be a devoted fan...
  16. hello and thank you again :-) please excuse my horrible spelling in the above posts, I usually am capable of expressing myself in written English, but I wrote in a hurry and so - sorry again. my favourite forsaken would be Lanfear. She is very crazy, sexy, cool (get the TLC reference :-D?) you seldom see such a well rounded female villain. and she has style. the too human like fade - Shadar Haran? - creeps me out, very scary guy. and the female forsaken specializing on torture - Semiraghe? really scary villain also. my least favourite character... mh. queen tenobia is very enoying. I would prefere a ass kicking northern queen to a bitching girl. padan fain. brrr. kill him off allready. he is kind of like gollum creepy and disturbing and pity claiming. please kill him. so now I'll try and go find a place to bother people with my opinions :-D Bye!
  17. Thank you for the warm welcome! I think you are all doing an amazing job managing and supervisin the forums :-) My favourite parts? I like when Egwene comes to the Ail for the first time, actually about anything with Egwene, she is the shining hero of the series in my eyes. The battle in the white tower, with Egwene winning and becoming Amyrlin for real is very cool. I also like Elayne and Nyneave on the road. What I like about Elyne is that she is real. She is very brave and smart and pretty, but yet she has real politics and real obsticles to deal with. It is these day to day life as a doughter hair, as a queen, that make the world of the wheel of time so believable and relateble. And if you compare her with any actually existing king, she is doing an amazing job. Well, the Sanderson books are kind of cool, because he is tying the loose ends and that is just very satisfactory, after all this waiting. And I am so relieved when "Rand turns Jesus"! he really did deserve this. so many things.... I love the borderland nation for their honor and the seafolk for teir reclessness. A whole people whose superpower is bargaining. very cool. ok, I think I will stop here. looking forwards to talk to you all.
  18. Ich möchte mich herzlich für Ihre freundlichen Grüße bedanken! Ich wünsche Ihnen einen wunderschönen abend und viel spaß auf Dragonmount :-D
  19. does this show my little picture ?


  20. hello again, another small question: I have this profil picture, displayed on my profile, that I would like to be displayed when I post. How do I do this? Thank you!
  21. hello everybody, so I finally made it to dragonmount. If been following this page for quite some time now, have an account since August, but only now, that I have an unrgent essay deadline due in a few hours do I find the currage and peace of mind to post here - oh the human brain is a wonderess thing! WoT is my favourite series ever since I started it in 2005, by now I read the entire series 3 times and listened to all of it on audiobook 2 times. The WoT audiobooks are the coolest thing in the world, they are so vivid and livelike and Michael Cramer and Kate Reading are amazing. I just love the accents of the differnt lands, hear Thom peform and I know how to pronounce all of them names, too. :-D + you can take WoT with you cleaning or shopping or mountain biking, the latter is just the perfect way to enjoy adrenaline generating passages. I Like the diversity and mere vastness of the forum, but I have to admit that I get lost in it and don't usually find what I was looking for. E.g.: * The "short question short answer" section is like 100 pages and I feel incapable of reading them all before addressing my question - how do I handle this? * Being the nerd that I am, I feel that Sanderson has changed the "tone" of world view and speech in some characters, AND, being a none native English speaker I noted a change in vocabulary used since Sanderson took over. - the word "tan" anyone? - Where do you guys discuss this? * Elayne is my favourite character, and I have some defending of her to do, since you guys don't seem to really get her :-D - Where do I go for this? It would be great if you could help me with this or point me to where I should go looking for help THANK YOU! All the best Marlis
  22. Could you please add subtitles to james :-)
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