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Approved White Tower Bio for Kilivia Tralendora--CC'ed by Band


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Handle : Kilivia

Full names of WT characters: None



<u>Character Information</u>

Name (first and last): Kilivia Tralendora

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 16

Nationality: Andor



Hair: Jet Black hair down to her waist or close too it.

Eyes: Sparkling Brown eyes

Skin: Fair


Voice:Her voice is usually quite high but not overly so. It can easily be quite soothing when you choses to. Not very musical but is a plesant voice to listen to.


Personality: Kilivia is very withdrawn and self abosored in here own world. She always seem to be deep in though and never smiles. She also never talks very much, usually only to answer questions and not idle chat.




Special Skills: N/A

Weaknesses: Knowledge Weakness: She spent a lot of her time as a child reading books and that is all she knows of the out side world. She doesnt have the epxperience of how harsh it can be in reality. Never had and reason to leave until now.


Personality weakness: She has a hard time getting close to others, After the death or her parents the feeling lossing some one else of importance is too great, Sge also is very withdrawn and easily distracted by her own thoughts oblivious to anything anything happeneing around her.




Kilivia grew up in a town just outside of Baerlon. She had black hair, that perfectly framed her face. She had sparkling brown eyes and was shorter then most at only 5’ in height but that didn’t bother her too much.


She lived a pretty sheltered life, she had never ventured out of her hometown, by herself or with anyone else. She never really had any interest in seeing the world or needed to. She had everything she needed at home, not really enough money to do much traveling anyway.


Her family was quite poor. They didn’t have much, but did know how to make the most of what they did have. They also never hesitated to share what food they could with passing strangers.


Kilivia was always a happy child. She loved to joke and laugh, craved to be the centre of attention. All the villagers liked her and she was always able to bring a smile to someone’s face, or raise someone’s spirits when they were depressed.


A week before her 16th birthday though, something terrible happened. One day when she was making jokes with the villagers, she heard a scream coming from her house. It sounded like her mother’s voice. Kilivia took off at a run, but by the time she got back to her house it was too late. The house was burnt to the ground and both her parents were dead. As the scene met her, her eyes grew dark and the smile that usually lit her face was gone. No more laughter, no more jokes were left, only sorrow.


The bubbling, outgoing youngster became withdrawn, only a shell of her former self. She hardly talked and seldom said very much. She had no living relatives that she knew of. Many of the villagers offered her a place to stay, but she turned them all down.


She had heard of Tar Valon and read many history books of the Aes Sedai and their glorious city. She had wanted to join the Aes Sedai, but it was only a dream for her, something she thought would never happen. She decided that this might be the time to follow her dream. She might never return back the way she used to be but she need a fresh start, a chance to make new friends and become part of a new family.


So with her birthday still 3 days away she headed off with all she owned, the clothes on her back and some money from the villagers to buy food on her journey. Most of the villagers didn’t agree with her decision to seek out Tar Valon but no one wanted to try and talk her out of it. So off she set on her way to Tar Valon.

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Hair: Jet Black hair down to her waist or close too it.


Kilivia grew up in a town just outside of Baerlon. She had red hair, that perfectly framed her face.


Ummm... Black hair or red hair?

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It is my experience with the "ladies" :rolleyes: that they change the colour of their hair with frequent abandon and no regard for those of us who try to keep up with their hairstyles and compliment them on their new style.......damn women*shakes fist)



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