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There's a story behind this new presence, you see. It isn't what you might expect; I admit you may either completely adore or relentlessly abhor my presence for the confession I am about to make. I will straightforwardly admit: I have never read Wheel of Time. Once upon a time, an astute and fine older friend of mine recommended that I read the series (due to it being in the range of genres I am currently infatuated with). I, however, have not reached the task yet, as my agenda has been rather full as of late, and the list of things I still need to read forever grows incessantly to this day.


Who am I... ? Well, truly, I have been known by many names. I am in two places at once and not at all, you see. I revel in my simple identity as a poet and as a writer overall; as a friend and as a lover; as... something that, perhaps, could be better explained further down this humble tale. For now, you wonderful denizens of this vivacious forum community may refer to me as 'Levity.' For We are Levitation (Nosotros levantamos con todo el mundo). This is who we are, and there is no other identity it seems that we may claim that retains such accuracy, vigor, strength, conviviality, exultant pride, and... glory.


The name of Levity was never always Levity. I am, you see, a wanderer of sorts. I have been to many online communities, and... I have seen the unseeable, and have met players in this game of life that have forever left tracks and stains on my once-immaculate world of solitude. I have opened up and said things I never before have said. I have known false love, false hope, false dreams. I have known lies. I have known truth as well; I have known true hope and true dreams, and certainly true love as well (quite recently, I might add). Alas, my friends, I presume you are not here for a novel. In fact, I know that by now, the majority reading this are thinking: "If this wench has not yet read Wheel of Time, what in blazes is she doing here?!"


Allow me to explain.


I love to play mafia. The previous sentence is an understatement.


I have written academic assignments on mafia; I have written fanfiction on mafia; I have written poetry on mafia. I have been to around seven different mafia-related sites and forums, and overall I have played mafia on and off for four years. I watched my first mafia game when I was either thirteen or fourteen at a Hamtaro fansite; I believe it may have been the only forum game they played. Que será será, as they say.


And so, there I began, on a journey to hone my skills as a mafia player, traveling from place to place, meeting an abundant number of players with a plethora of different playstyles. I have played roles so unorthodox, your mind would spin merely at the mention of their eccentricity and sheer absurdity. And, dare I say it... I am proud of the Levity Third Identity: a mafia player.


We are Levity;

I daresay... daresay!

We are yours to keep--

forever, yours to keep;

and those who weep

may forever sweep

their frets and frustrations aside!

For we are one;

we fly and run

we ride the Sun--

And we share our benevolence for the good of the world's peace... and piety.


(PS: Read my blog at: innocuouslevitatingairships.blogspot.com ~ -/end shameless advertisement-)

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Many thanks for the greetings, everyone. I almost never reply to my own introduction threads, which I suppose is quite rude. ): I apologize.


Fun fact: This is my typical kind of forum introduction nowadays. First impressions are important, you know?

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