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Wow.... I've been reading these book since I was about 13-14 (not as impressive considering I'm only 18 lol =P) and have loved them since the word go. I never thought to search the Internet for a site such as this nor imagined that one would exist.


No one I know has read the books, scared off by the imposing length, so to find a friendly group of WoT fanatics online is kind of a big thing. Man I'm keen to get involved, I have a copy of all 13 books in the series plus the audiobook of 'New Spring' and have read them through several times over the years. lol and I'm on the edge of ordering some of that amazing jewelry.

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Aawww we're glad you finally found us! :biggrin:


Love the handle ... lol ... is there a story there?


Some of the other members will be along soon to slobber ... err I mean heap lovings on you and explain all the various things you can do on here. Once they've thoroughly confused informed you, feel free to ask questions :laugh:

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Welcome to DM, Pants On Fire! :biggrin:


Yes, I have the same thing with my friends. Nobody of them has never heard of WoT. I'm just trying to persuade them to try.


So, do you have a least-favourite part or character in WoT?


Quick DM tour stolen lended from Aiel Heart: :unsure::blush:


There is A) the general discussion. This includes WoT theories, you don't have to fear spoilers as you've read the whole series thus far.


B) the social groups. You can join as many as you want or none if you like it that way. I recommend them though. :laugh: In each SG there is an info thread pinned and that should tell you all the necessary info from what the group is about to how to join etc.


C) the role playing groups. Here is an info corner too so check it if interested. Basically this is creating your own character and telling about his/her life in Randland. S/he meets other players' characters and has smaller or bigger adventures. At least this is what I think. I'm not entirely sure as I'm not (yet?) in a RP group.


Really, just throw a question and everybody will do their best answering it.


Hope you will like DM!!!!

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Ha I probably chose the most inconvenient of times to sign up to this but I couldn't hold off!


My laptop has just returned from being fixed (under warranty =D) and I'm read to dive into this!



I obviously need to check back frequently as you appear to have a very active community. I am very new to the world of forums (first time o.O) like this so please excuse me while I accustom myself, no doubt breaking a million unwritten rules of etiquette with each post lol. I'll have dozens of stupid little questions to ask concerning 'Where's this?', 'What's that?' and 'How do I....?'. So it's nice to know I have some poor old souls to badger =P


I take it there is a large number of American WoT lovers on the site given that my two language options at the bottom of the screen are 'English (USA)' and 'English (USA)' lol You will all have to disregard my spelling (of words like colour), if I start up with americanized spelling my lecturers will not be amused lmao



In response to Ledinna Sedai I'm not sure it's possible to have a least favourite part of WoT everything seems to contribute and flow so nicely. HOWEVER having said that there is one thing that I would single out as being lind of annoying. It's just the way Brandon Sanderson has written and divided up paragraphs does not flow anywhere near as well as RJ managed, I know it's probably a bit picky but.....


I am about to begin listening to the audiobooks, a relatively new discovery for me (audiobooks=awesome) from the beginning for the umpteeth time but am forcing myself to delay starting until all of my uni assignments are in. Unless my tutors have read the books I doubts they'll give out extensions for being too enrapture by a story lol

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Welcome to DM Pants On Fire! Hahaha, great username! :laugh:


I know how you feel, I also went WOAH! when I found DM. It’s absoballylutelytheepitomeofamazingness.


Anyway, what's been said before ^^ do feel free to ask any questions if you're stuck anywhere or want to know anything. Most of the stuff's explained in pinned/stickied threads, but we like being badgered it makes us feel important lol


Hey! I agree - nothing against Brandon Sanderson writing the last few books, I'm veryveryvery happy they are being written by such a good author...but still, there's this RJ-iness that just can't be beat. Hmm, I haven't actually noticed that it's divided etc, but what was really hard to get used to for me, was that he uses contractions in the text. RJ only used them in dialogue, which added to the characters’ behaviour, but BS uses it in the book as well and I just get the feeling that it jolts the storytelling, makes it seem less…epic?

Ah well. Go check out the books discussion board if you like, there’s loads of debates and conversations about this kind of topic :biggrin:


Bye for now,


Nya :biggrin:

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Every time I see the letters a and h on here I think someone is talking to me, even when I am the one typing "Ah" :P


I noted that it was different but now both of those are going to stick out to me as a finish ToM NOOO!!!!



Yesyes very active :D I'm on here at least twice a day for hours on end :P I'm a bit of an addict though and am a part of 7 of the social groups (see the blue siggy when it comes up)


Discussion boards--we talk about characters and theories and such


Social boards--we get to know each other and have fun


rp board--you create your own character(s) and write his/her/their adventures in Randland.


Feel free to ask me any questions you have! And just explore and find where you think you fit :) and don't not join a group because of the name--I didn't even look at the BT because I don't like the BT in the book and now I love the social group and wish I'd joined earlier so yeah :P

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