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Just stumbled across this forum and had to join!


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I just finished rereading that!!! Didn't you love the ending?


Ok Ledinna I'll be nice to you now since you do my job for me all of the time :P How long until you should get it???? Seems like you've been waiting on it for weeks


Welcome to dm. Any questions about anything just ask, including if you want a tour. I'm lazy today or else I'd give you one whether you want it or not ;P


Which characters are you favorites? Which parts?

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It should have arrived in 4 to 6 days but it has already gone over a week!! And I ordered the two books at the same time and of course the ToM is the first to arrive!!! This makes me mad! My fingers are just itching to get on that book. :baalzamon: I don't even dare to look at the glossary or contents pages.


Shortened DM tour:


General discussions. To you there shouldn't be many spoilers as you've already read that far.


Social groups. Join as many as you want or none. I recommend them highly. There are info threads in each of them so read them first.


Role playing (RP): In here there is also info thread or two so more information there. Basically it's creating your own character and tell about his/her life in Randland.


Don't hesitate to ask something if I just confused you :tongue:

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Woohoo a new member! Always glad to see a fresh face.


Welcome to DM! I've just started Towers of Midnight and all I have to say is 'wow'.


Ledinna has given you all the basic information you need to know, I also highly recommend the social groups, as they're a blast to take part in. Any more information you'll need you'll find in the handy pinned topics that are all over DM.


Best of luck!

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