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New on this forum.


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Hello everybody


I'm new to this forum but i very glad i found it. I have always loved the Wheel Of Time series, since i was kid. But i have never had anyone to discuss and talk with regarding the Wheel of time. The people that i usually spend my time with isn't really that kind of people that would read a book unless it isn't shorter then 50 pages. Haha. So hopefully i'l have a good time here.



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You are totally welcome to DM!


You're right! This is the perfect place to discuss about WoT and to share theories. Now you have a great bunch of people you can talk about WoT. Little warning though: if you haven't read the series through yet you may meet some spoilers.


Ooooh.... You're from Sweden! Tina is from there too, and I'm your neighbour from Finland! :laugh:

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A new member from Sweden!


Welcome to DM, Rhavin. Hm, that name sounds familiar...


This is a great place for all WoT geeks. If you want to discuss the books visit the WoT discussions board. Have you read all the books jet? If not be aware - there can be a lot of spoilers.


If you want to have fun and meet new friends then the social groups are great. Check them out and see what group would fit you.


There is also a role playing section that is worth looking into.


Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself? How long have you read the books? Do you have any favorite character?


If you have any questions you are welcome to send me a PM. Hoppas att du kommer att ha det lika kul här som jag har haft det. :biggrin:

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Well lets see. I have been reading the series for about 6 years i think, maybe more.


And my favorite character has to be.... Rand (shocking). But my reasons for that is a little bit more than the obvious fact that he is the main character. You see i really love how he has been evolving from the naive farm boy and how you can see the changes he goes through from everything that weighs down on his shoulders. It makes him so Human. And that has always made me relate to him much more than any other character.


But other then Rand i think its Lan. Don't really now why. Always liked him.


Hoppas jag med! :biggrin:

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Yeah i have been doing some exploring, really liking what i have seen so far.


Well there is one moment that i really liked. Its when Rand and Lan just finished training with swords in the Three-Fold-Land. And Rhuarc comes with spears and says its time practice with spears beacuse he should know how to use them. And When Rand turns and asks about when the mountain off duty comes off. Then get answered when you die by Lan. That scene really meant a lot when you think about everything afterwards that Rand has to go trough. like when Rand ***Spoilers Warning*** gets hurt really badly and as soon as he can stand he goes after Sammael. Didn't really mean much to me the first time i read it, but the second time through it really hit me hard.

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