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Has anyone ever had their ears boxed?


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Unfortunately, it happened to me once, when I was in first grade.

One of my classmates sneaked behind me and wanted to show me something 'cool'.

Although I hated the guy for a while, I must admit he did it perfectly, hitting both ears at the same time, maximizing the effect.

About the effect:

-I heard a ringing for about ten minutes

-my eardrums hurt for like half an hour, and I had problems hearing for almost the entire class.

It's done by children from time to time, but never by grownups(none than I know off)

That unfortunate experience made me realize that is a very dangerous thing, and I never did it to another person, and tried to stop others from doing it if I could.

The teacher said I was lucky he didn't pierced one of my eardrums.


The only other time I came in contact to the same effects(without the pain) was when I descended a 500 meters mine shaft with an elevator. But it passed in several minutes.

Do not do that at home!(boxing ears, not visiting mines).

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