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  1. In the scene where Androl and Pevara captures a turned one, Emarin asks Pevara: "Can he hear?" and she says "no", even though she knew that he in fact could. That's an Aes Sedai lying right there
  2. I'd say you should read all of it at least once. I've read most parts 6-8 times, but most of the Elayne/Nynaeve parts from books 4 through 7 I've read only twice. I like to read the forums and find things I missed earlier, but I think that only works for some people. I would advice you to try it out. A basic understanding of what has happened goes a long way though.
  3. Elayne. Aviendha is to scary, and would probably demand to be on top. Min is to frail. Elayne is the perfect combination of hard and soft. Also, she's by far the hottest!
  4. In case no one mentioned it; the aiel joke "Why do Far Dareis Mai use handlanguage? 'cause they can't stop talking, even when they're not talking". Cracks me up!
  5. Another good one, although it might not be "quiet" - Rand in tDR, when he lines up a squadron of DF's with the power and makes them bow to him!
  6. The start of The Dragon Reborn, after Rand caused the earthquakes, he talks to Perrin, talking about all the people dying for him. The one I always mention, Moiraine's letter to Rand. Start of tGH, when Egwene thinks to herself that no one will be allowed to harm Rand. There are so many. God, I need to read through the whole thing again!
  7. The end of Moiraine's letter to Rand: "May the light illumine and protect you. You will do well."
  8. You're forgetting who was behind this whole plot - Mesaana
  9. I'd let Egwene ride me, too. So what we're saying here is, by extension, that Egwene was raped by Bela, aka the Dark One, without knowing it? Explains a lot
  10. There is a MAJOR difference between the situation you are referring to, and the hypothetical scenario you present; in one, you have a small piece of trivia, while the other includes the biggest, most important thing in the series. See, who's better between the two is nothing more than a theoretical interest of the fanbase atm, and not really that big a deal. So why would Robert Jordan care which one of the two has actually had the most impressive fights? What you say about the Dragon isn't even comparable. Also, you and Kael Pyralis propose that the books suggest that Gawyn is in fact
  11. @ Suttree; while I agree that what we have of "objective" references suggest that Galad is in fact the better swordsman (in addition to the fact that he is; it's canon), I disagree with using Gawyn's PoV as reference as it's quite clearly stated in the earlier books that Gawyn is not able to perceive Galad objectively.
  12. I got a chucle out of your post, but specifically the bit I qoute may not be far-fetched... Min had a viewing of Lan way back in tEotW, in Baerlon: This viewing must be his and Nyneave's son. We may have written this viewing off previously, since we still hadn't discovered his identity of being King of Malkier to that point. But we also know that Min's viewings are of the future, so unless this was a mistake by RJ, or he hadn't fully fleshed out Min's viewings at that point, I'd say this is foreshadowing that he'll have a son. I hope this also means he'll survive his charge at
  13. Like Ned Stark was? I see your point though, it seems unlikely that, say, Snow will die. But other PoVs like Daenerys, Jamie or Tyrion, do these seem immortal to you? Anywhere near Mat or Perrin, Egwene or Nynaeve? It's not about the numbers of "importance A"-characters to die, it's about the fact that in GoT, Martin displayed willingness to let them do so, something which still sticks. I don't expect people to die all the time, but WoT goes WAY to far in protecting main character's lives. That being said, I stopped reading aSoIaF after book three 'cause I just didn't like them at all. Even
  14. There's a character in asoiaf called something like Lord Trebor Jordayn of Tor.
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