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Hey stone_dog. :aiel:


Welcome to DM.


Please tell us who your favourite characters are and what your favourite scene is so far?


If you look around the forum you'll meet lots of nice peepz and..... well.... several quite frightening ones as well. :laugh:


There are some great sections for WOT discussion or general discussion and even roleplay if you're into that sorta thing!! :dry:


We hope you enjoy your stay here.




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Thanks for the warm welcome! It's hard to pick one favorite scene, but I think it would have to be Nynaeve having the merchant send out the mass message that the " Golden Crane rides to the gap, will he ride alone? " I'm not sure why, it just really hit me.

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I'm rereading TGS last night and there's one Joline/Mat moment after the night at Hinderstap:


Mat said "Thom, you with me. Talmanes, watch the women."

"We have little need of being 'watched,' Matrim," Joline said grumpily.

"Fine," he snapped. "Thom, you with me. Joline, you watch the soldiers."



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