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Heath Ledger


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Just interested in what you guys thought of Heath Ledger, and his passing. I know its been a whlie, but asking everyday people and asking people with common interests are two very different things. I for one LOVED Heath Ledger. Even before his Joker role, he was brilliant. Had he lived he would of been the next (insert major star). I thought he was great in A Knights Tale, which is a very good movie. But nothing could have prepared me for his Joker role. IMO best villain portrayel EVER. The best scene doesnt even involve him saying a word. Its all summed up the scene were hes escaped from jail and is hanging his head out of the police car, and the movie sort of slows down, and the scene is also rather quiet. Brilliant. I wonder if he thought he did a bad job, or that he would be made fun of. I wonder if he thought he didnt come across sinscere enough, and if it had anything to do with his death. I only wish he could have lived long enough to see the adoration and recognition he got from that role. What are you guys thoughts?


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