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phew! finally joined. cant wait to get started


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Welcome to DM!


Could you tell us somtehing about yourself? It's always so nice to meet new people :biggrin: Who knows, maybe we also have something other in common than the WoT!

Wow... I see your location is Nigeria. Is it a cool place? Well cool can be the wrong word... but you get what I mean, don't you? :tongue: I also like your name! It's so... sweet!


Just PM me if you have questions about something in DM. We have an examination week in our school starting on thursday, though, so I'm not sure whether I have the time to be here. But hey, isn't this the best way to practise for my English exam? :wink: And I know I can't stay away from here long... :)


Hope you feel welcome and enjoy yourself in DM!

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Hey, that IS a cool name! Welcome! I'm fairly new too, so if you have any questions, DON'T ASK ME. But, I'm always good for a hello and chat if you'd like. Hope you feel welcome here. There's lots of great people. I'm sure others will be by to say hello.


So, I have to ask. Whats it like living in your part of the world? I don't know ANYONE from the area where you're from. Its great you're here. Take care! The Grizz.

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Heya. I would do a tour of dragonmount but my brain isn't functioning. Ledinna,I give you permission to do that part of my job today :P


What parts/favorites are your characters?


Wow. I really just typed that. Without trying to be funny or something. I will leave it as an example of just how tired I am :P


What parts/characters are your favorites? And which book are you on?


Oh and welcome to dm. Sorry you joined on a day when I'm not feeling like my perky self :P

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@ledinna sedai thanks so much for the welcome and the compliment! you guys are so nice! about me?hmm well am a bookholic and a chocoholic(if that makes any sense!) and i really am sweet(well i try to be.lolz) Nigeria or as we say over here "naija" is great! we have so many cultures and traditions its overwhelming sometimes! well enuf about me. best of luck in your exams! am done with mine.

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nice to meet you aiel heart.great to be here. well av read all the books upto and including TOM and there are so many good parts! but SOME of my fav parts would have to be: -1- rand putting cadsuane and the borderlanders in their place. -2- semirahge collering rand. i swear when he said "The last that could be done has been done" i choked up! -3- "They will pay,i am the lord of the morning" -4- all mat scenes

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Gwahahahahaa! Here comes the tour à la AH.


So, in DM, there is


1.General discussion. Here you can chat about WoT in general i.e your theories, but watch for spoilers if you are still reading the WoT through for the first time.


2. Social groups. Personally I'm very fond of them and I recommend them everybody. You can join as many social groups as you want but also none if you want.


3. Role playing groups. Here you can create a character of your own and write about his/her life in Randland.


In the groups there are good newcomer-infos so don't become desperate if my 'help' was confusing :laugh:


Chocoholic and bookaholic... You could be my twin sister! I just love chocolate! And books! I couldn't survive more than a week without reading :biggrin:

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