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Anyone here from Fort Lauderdale?


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Howsit everyone, I'm fairly new on this site. From Cape Town, South Africa and will be heading to Fort Lauderdale towards the end of November. Will be looking for a couch to crash on for a few days. I'm coming over on a yacht delivery. Be cool to mingle with people of like mind and interests.

Gimme a shout!

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Originally Afrikaans but really bilingual. I never really got into Terry Pratchet. And lately have been more into Wordsworth Classics like Moby Dick as well as some Hemingway and narrative poetry. Also enjoy Ludlum, Gemmel, Feist, and much more. Quite a wide variety. I think Harry Potter, Legend of the Seeker and Eragon along with its follow-ups, are all rubbish and a waste of paper.


Dont know how long I'll be away. Will be at sea for two months roughly, then spend Christmas with friends and then head down to Florida for work on the yachts.

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Afrikaans hier ook - kom affie Weskus af, maar ook van Houtbaai so ek praat alby tales deliciously :P


Pity you're not a TP fan - there's a Disc Con in Milnerton on Saturday the 10th - I'm trying to bribe my nephew to go with me.


Of the classics I'm more into Shakespeare than Hemingway. Enjoy Feist very much (his earlier work, anyway) but not really a Gemmel fan. Don't let the Blue Ajah get hold of you for the blasphemy about HP - never anger an Aes Sedai! *grins*


Now now Christinelove - you know mama will share some :wink:


AH, that's one of the things I love about DM as well!

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