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Short Circuit [remake]


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I feel like this is a bold move.


Tim Hill ("Hop") has signed on to direct the remake of 80's classic "Short Circuit" at Dimension Films reports Deadline.


The original followed a robot named Johnny 5 who develops human feelings after being struck by lightning. Two years ago Steve Carr was to direct from Dan Milano's script.


Hill though will now supervise the writing of a new screenplay, effectively putting the remake back on the drawing board. David Foster, Ryan E. Heppe and John Hyde will produce.

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I loved Short Circuit when I was a kid. I cant see a remake being anygood, until I see it for myself. Its not a movie that I think a remake would do well(until proven wrong.)

I thought the Beetlejuice sequel they were doing was actually gonna be a remake. Now that would be a good movie to remake, IMO.

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