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Planning a return to tower RP


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Hey guys,


I am going to return Koras - if bio approved - after being away for four years.


Anyone interested in making the entrance RP with me?


I can do it with NPCs but then it will be less exciting and we will miss my point of reliving this place a bit :)


So who's in?





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Well hello my mentor. Good to see a face that can strike terror into the existing Storm Leaders. :biggrin:


I've not done a lot of RP lately, but I'd be more than happy to jump in on your return thread. Just replied to your bio email and answered your questions there. Shoot me a reply and we'll get the bio posted.


Otpelk, I'm not showing any bios in the email logs from a month ago. The spam filter may have eaten it. Try sending it again, or PM it to me and we'll get you squared away.

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