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Approved WK Bio for Oren Catrolis - CCed by CotL


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DM Handle: Otpelk_Cainam


Character Name: Oren Catrolis

Physical Description: Jet black hair to his hips. 6 ‘2”, weighs about 225lbs, very muscular with broad shoulders. Average appearance, nothing notable. Only scar he has is on his back where he was clawed by a bear as it was in its death throes.


Age: 16

Gender: Male

Place of Birth/Raising: Forest of Shadows.




Character History:


The story of Oren begins very simply and yet it is also complicated. His father was a Senior Lieutenant of the Children of the Light when the woman he loved was accused of being a dark friend by a Questioner. The Questioner made a pass at the woman and she refused him so after a few days he made his accusation. Oren's father wouldn’t turn her over to the Questioners and when they tried to arrest him and take her, he killed the Questioner and fled away with his love. They moved deep into the Forest of Shadows where no one would be able to find them and Oren's father built a cabin deep in the forest where he became a hunter/trapper. He would hunt wolves and other animals to trade their pelts and meats to merchants in the outlying villages and towns for supplies he couldn’t otherwise get from the forest. On occasion he would capture animals and sell them to tamers and traveling shows. After 10 years of living together in the forest his wife gave birth to a son.


At the age of five Oren started his lessons on how to use weapons and defend himself as well as how to use the Flame and the Void. He would always try and follow his father out on the hunts and each time his father would say, “Not yet boy. You stay here and protect your mother and get back to your lessons and chores.” He would rustle Oren’s hair and smile.



Every day Oren would get up, eat his breakfast and sit down to learn to read and write for two hours with his mother. Not only could he read and write but he also knew how to speak some Old Tongue. He would walk the perimeter of their clearing, tidying up any fallen branches and keeping the brush cleared back from the area, off the house. Then he would have his lunch and practice his archery and sword or making snares and tracking the animals that he found around the cabin.


By the time he was ten, his father was impressed enough with his skills at hunting and tracking that he would often take the boy on hunting trips. Oren's father would let him take the lead and just be there to help and correct mistakes. Oren was tracking his very first bear one day, doing everything right. He tracked it to its lair and waited for the perfect moment. When the bear presented the shot, Oren took the bear right in the heart with a single arrow and it crumpled to the ground. He ran over in excitement as his father called to him to come back. When he turned around to look at his father the bear had a death spasm and it raked him down his back. Although the wound was serious it wasn’t life threatening and his father quickly applied first aid and rushed him home. He recovered quickly and learned from his mistake. He had the constant reminder of that mistake across his back, a scar from his right shoulder to his left hip.


For his fifteenth name day, his father was taking him on a trip to Jehannah to do some trading and to pick out something for himself. Oren shopped around and came across an exceptional two inch round, 7 foot tall staff of black yew. He bought it for probably more than it was worth but he wanted to make a new bow. His father gathered up all the supplies and packed them onto the litter and he and Oren made their trip home.


On that journey Oren had a strange daydream as he was walking through the forest home. In this daydream he was chasing a stag through the forest but instead of shooting it with his bow, he leaped on it and tore out its throat. He was brought back to reality by his father calling to him, telling him to hurry up. He shook his head and pushed it out of his mind. Over the next couple of weeks he had more dreams and even while out hunting he could swear that he heard voices talking to him. His mother and father had noticed changes in him as well. He seemed distant and on edge. His father decided to leave him behind on the next expedition to go hunting and went off alone instead. During the next couple of days Oren tried to find ways to bring the subject up with his mother but he was always afraid of what she would say and would change his mind. He told his mother he was going for a walk and that he would return in a while before he headed towards the white river. While he walked he heard something off to his left side. He stopped and knocked an arrow, looking around. He saw a wolf come padding out of the woods. Oren took aim and just as he was about to fire his mind was filled with images that seemed to ask, “Why do you fight who you are?” Oren just stood there and stared at the wolf and the wolf stared back. Somehow, he knew the question was coming from the creature before him. The wolf finally padded casually back into the woods and disappeared. Oren simply stared at the spot the wolf had last been seen.


Eventualy he decided to turn around and go home. When he arrived there, his mother asked if everything was alright and he nodded to her then went to his room. That night, as he was sitting on his bed, he could hear and smell everything that was going on in the forest outside. He could hear his father returning and his mother telling him that she was worried about Oren. She smelled odd... almost what he would interpret as fear and concern. He heard his father say not to worry, that Oren was probably just going through an odd phase in his youth. Later that same night, Oren sneaked out of his window and went into the forest to think. As he was sitting on a fallen tree, deep in thought, the same wolf came and laid down a few feet away. Oren jumped up, startled, and fell back onto the forest floor. The same question seemed to be asked though Oren wasn't sure how he understood. “Why do you fight who you are?” Oren stood back up and stared at the wolf for a long while.”What do you mean who I am?” Oren asked. The wolf just cocked his head at Oren and then suddenly bounded off.


Oren was confused and shaken by all the things he had been experiencing lately. It was all closing in on him. He could see better day or night, he could smell things no man should ever smell, and now he was talking to wolves. He went back home and climbed through his window. As he entered, Oren could see his father lying on his bed. The older man's eyes were closed but he spoke. “Is everything alright son?” Oren started and said, “Yes father everything is fine. Why do you ask?” His father flung both feet over the side of the bed and sat up and looked straight into Oren’s eyes. “By the Light son, what have you done?”



Oren was confused “What do you mean father? I have done nothing.” His father’s smell shifted from curious to afraid. Oren stepped towards his father and his father quickly stepped back, tripping over the bed. “What is wrong father?” Oren reached to help him up.



“Don’t touch me. How dare you deal with the Shadow after all I have taught you?” His father’s scent quickly changed from fear to anger. Oren caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror above his washstand and his eyes were a golden glow in the darkness. He stepped back and looked from his father to the mirror again. "Father I have no idea what’s going on here. Please believe me. I didn’t make any deals with anyone.” Oren was holding up his hands in a passive manner and his father’s head slumped, his scent a mix of anger, confusion, disappointment, and pity. Oren stepped towards his father but he stepped back again and raised his hands. “Just go Oren. Take your belongings and go. Don’t let me see you again or I will end you. I will tell your mother you ran off to see some girl you met in town so she doesn’t have to be shamed by this and when you don’t return I'll tell her you must have run off together.”



Oren was dumbfounded but slowly went about gathering his things. He took two pairs of boots, pants, shirts, coats and cloaks. He grabbed up his staff, bow and quiver, sword, and long dagger. Finally he started for the window. His father came in and threw a backpack at his feet saying, “In there is enough coin and food to last you a few weeks. I also put a flint and tinder and a sharpening stone.” Then he turned and walked out of the room. Oren picked up the backpack slung it over his shoulder and jumped out the window filled with sadness and fear. It had all happened so quickly and Oren didn't understand why.



As he journeyed through the forest, he was overcome by confusion and hurt and every night the same wolf would come and ask him the same question. He wandered around for three months in the forest and it was the dead of winter when he found himself lying freezing in a cave. The wolf came to him, filling his mind with more images which Oren translated roughly as, "Don’t worry pup they have sent help for you.” He shivered. The last thing he remembered before falling asleep was the wolf who had become his only friend lying next to him on top of his blankets to keep him warm.

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