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Hello everybody!!


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hello everybody!! fellow WoT nut here. just popping in to say hi and to let every1 know to look out for some posts and theories from me in the near future. but for now id just like to say a few things.



firstly, i know its past time to be saying this, i have only just signed up to this site and only started reading the books 18/19months ago, but id like to pass on my sympathies to all Robert Jordans family and friends after his death. its a great loss to all his fans of the series but to those who knew him most of all. i have only read his WoT books but i dont think i have enjoyed a series of books as mush as this series. i love fantasy novels and i have had hours of entertainment reading these books. the depth of plot, description of landscapes, characterisation and overall storytelling is 1st rate and it is a true shame to have lost an author of ur skill.


secondly, id like to congratulate Brandon Sanderson for "having the balls" to take on Jordans work. in the foreword to aGS u mention that it was an easy decision to make but it was also a very brave decision as so much could have gone wrong. but having just finished reading books 1-13 for the 2nd time i must say you have done a very good job and i hope the good work continues for the final instalment, which i am waiting for in a state of high anticipation (thats putting it mildly, i get sweaty palms thinking about it!!;))


thirdly, well done to all at Dragonmount for a gr8 website.


hope to talk to many fans of the books, im looking forward to many debates/arguments/discussions about the books and peoples theories on the books. ;) Peace


Darren "heron" Mark Clayden


P.S Matrim Cauthon rocks. the greatest character from ANY book!! Nynaeves pretty cool too.


P.P.S why couldnt i use "Matrim" as the answer to the Challenge question when registering???

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