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  1. R.I.P Ray Bradbury, I didn't know he had passed away until I just seen this thread. Terrible news. I have heard many great things about this author but had never got around to reading anything until a couple of weeks ago I bought "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and I am halfway through reading it at the mo, while it's not the sort of story I normally read I am enjoying it.
  2. I'm halfway through The Shadows Rising. This is my third read of the WoT series and i'm enjoying this read through just as much as the first two reads. Noticing some little details that I missed out on before or even forgotten. Also, reading Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury. On about page 100 at the mo, not really sure what to make of it, it's a bit weird
  3. Great call, missed this the first time I read this thread. Complete tool (Scrappy Doo not you Apples)
  4. erm... Im sure this happened in my dreams and quite frankly its all that needs to happen in AMoL
  5. Stick with it, trust me...Bakker IMO is the most talented fantasy writer out right now. I've always meant to get round to reading some of Bakkers work. I'm currently reading Way Of Kings Part 2, I enjoyed Part 1 but not as exciting as I was hoping, though Sanderson is currently 1 of my fave authors as I loved the Mistborn. Read alot of Pratchett since Xmas. I read one of his books a few years ago and it put me off, but started from Bk 1 and I love him. My re-read of WoT is due to start very soon, after I have finished WoK Pt 2
  6. Most of everything Egwene knows comes from Siuan, well, that is a stretch but evreything she knows about different AS and monarchs/rulers
  7. that would be epic, and epic fore-shadowing Agreed. It comes from TEOTW, "Choices". Moiraine took out Lanfear in TFOH, "Choices". And RJ said that Moiraine's Aelfinn Q&A were "a big-time RAFO". Most people think she is going to tell him how to seal the Bore or something, but how lame is that? Also, people seem to expect her to have a confrontation with Cadsuane, but I wouldn't be surprised if Cadsuane goes out in the Sorliea confrontation before Moiraine even shows up. Yeah loved that part in the book (your sig) both times I have read it. Moiraine rocks!
  8. Raymond e. Feists 1st Riftwar Saga is brilliant (Magician, Silverthorn and Darkness at Sethanon) DaS has a truly great battle sequence, "The siege of Armengar" a truly masterful defence His 2nd riftwar Saga "The Serpent War" is almost as good, but I wouldn't read anything after that (anything with a publishing date after 1998) unless u really enjoy his work and feel u must continue the story, because his work does go downhill and quite dramatically The Empire Trilogy- co-authors; Janny Wurts and Raymond e. Feist. A story based in 1 of Feists worlds but Im sure I have seen quotes from Feis
  9. I completely forgot to comment on the topic of the thread! If I were you Id read the mistborn books, I love them. couldnt put them down. Im reading Part 2 Book 1 Way of Kings now and enjoying this series to.
  10. I actually think he is meant as more of an antihero, and there is some remorse for his actions. But even so, as things progress, the good guys winning clearly relies on him doing what he needs to do. When the main character needs to succeed at something really pivotal for the good guys to carry the day, that's a hero in my book. And having that be the same person as the man who committed the acts that he does earlier was too much for me to handle. yep for me having the "hero" as a rapist has made me put the book down about 300/350 pages in. I cannot connect with him because of
  11. Marsh, Kelsiers brother in mistborn trilogy. Falls in love with same woman as his brother, she chooses Kelsier. she dies with Marsh still clearly in love with her. Then during the actual timeline of the trilogy he gets turned into an evil sadistic monster Tyndwil, from Mistborn. Lives her life as a "breeder" (I think we all can work out what I mean) then when she gets a fre life and falls in love with Sazed she dies
  12. that would be epic, and epic fore-shadowing
  13. Thomas Covenant Ramsay Snow The Mountain Draco Malfoy Prince Regal Masema Prince Paris of Troy (the fact hes played by Orlando Bloom in the film makes him more of a jerk) the list goes on and on
  14. Hi guys been a while since I been on. Decided to log on again as Im just about to start my re-read of WoT from Bk 1 (planning on reading other books between volumes so giving myself plenty of time). It will be my 3rd read of the series. Logged-on to Dragonmount yesterday for 1st time in months and see that the prologue has been released Ouch. agree. I actually thought the standard of it was quite low. But I am now just about to have my 2nd read of it so hopefully my view will change
  15. yo people, been MONTHS since i was last on this site, but now I'm back (waits for the booing,hissing and jeering to end, before continuing) To everybody who reads this I hope u all had good xmas and new year, and that this year is bein good to u so far. anyway to the topic at hand... Cadsuane; I must say shes 1 of my fave characters, have to agree with Suttree and Luckers when they say she tends to treat people how they deserve to b treated, apart from IMO Nynaeve. But all Aes Sedai tend to have a bad view of wilders and "false" Aes Sedai. Though Nynaeve is probably my fave fema
  16. Zzzzzzzzzzz!! Elayne= Boring NO Mmmmmmmmmmm!! Elayne= Hot
  17. Have to put Sazed from Mistborn up there with my fave characters now. LEGEND!!!
  18. A Game of Thrones- A book on Daes Daemar(sp) by Thom Merrilin A Feast For Crows- A grapic novel of the Battle of Dumais Wells
  19. Happy Birthday Dragonmount!! Now your annoying teenage years begin!! I like Dragonmount because.... erm .... well it's just a good fun place to be. Simplez.
  20. What to read next? Ian Irvines View From The Mirror quartet Book 2 or ASOIAF Book 3?? Both unread sitting on my bookshelf. Ive also got this urge to re-read Legend, by David Gemmell..... erm.... ASOIAF Book 3 it is, hopefully the improvements in Book 2 from Book 1 will continue.
  21. Woop Woop!! just finished Book 3 and have to say that I LOVE THIS SERIES!! Thank you Brandon for a highly enjoyable read, and I now have ur other novels on list of books to read. I found this series so much fun to read. Book 1 is a great intro to the series with some great action sequences and a fantastic and original magic sysytem. Book 2, while I found it to be slightly inferior, was still a really good book. And book 3 was quite simply superb and the ending was spectacular. Rarely have I connected to characters, like I did with some of the characters in this story. Spook, Sazed and
  22. As I'm reading Mistborn I can't help but think that this trilogy wouldn't be difficult to make into a film trilogy. There have been many discussions about how difficult WoT and other fantasy books would be to turn into films. Tolkien sold the film rights to LotR because at the time he was certain that they would never be able to make them into a film. The magic system in Mistborn wouldn't be too difficult to adapt either and would also be very enjoyable to watch. I think that the action scenes in Mistborn are some of the most fun I've ever read. I think some of Feist's work and Robin Ho
  23. Definitly not going to happen. Only books that has even the slightest chance of ever being written are the two remaining prequels, and the outriggers about Mat and Tuon ten years after TG. And frankly, England has a greater chance at winning the football world cup in 2014 than any of those books has at ever being written. and the 2018 2022 2026 2030.... you know where im going. And im an English football fan :( back to the topic. I cant see the LoM bein introduced in the last book. not enough time to introduce a new culture. would be way too rushed
  24. R.I.P Robert Jordan. Thank you for the many hours entertainment and enjoyment I have got from reading your books.
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